Orange reveals iPhone rate plans for France starting at 49 euros per month

“A little more than a week before the official release of the iPhone in France, the French, Mac-centric site, MacGeneration followed by the iPhone-centric FrenchiPhone provide the details of Orange’s subscription plans destined to iPhone customers,” Alexandros Roussos reports for MacScoop.

The plans will be the following :

49€/mo Plan:
– 2 hours + 2 (late evening or week-end) hours of voice calls:
– 50 SMS
– 10 hours of Orange Wifi
– Unlimited VoiceMail, E-Mail and data

59€/mo Plan:
– 3 hours + 3 (late evening or week-end) hours of voice calls:
– 100 SMS
– 10 hours of Orange Wifi
– Unlimited VoiceMail, E-Mail and EDGE data

79€/mo Plan:
– 5 hours + 5 (late evening or week-end) hours of voice calls:
– 150 SMS
– 10 hours of Orange Wifi
– Unlimited VoiceMail, E-Mail and EDGE data

119€/mo Plan:
– 8 hours + 8 hours of voice calls:
– 1000 SMS
– 100 hours of Orange Wifi
– Unlimited VoiceMail, E-Mail and EDGE data

More details in the full article here.


  1. WOW, those plans suck! People keep telling me how much better European phones/service is than the US, but my $59 is going waaay further than the 59 Euros people in France are paying… and when you consider how much larger infrastructure costs are in the less densely populated US, it really starts to sound like Orange is being pretty greedy.

  2. The cheapest ATT plan comes with (almost) more than the most expensive orange plan!
    ATT 450 +5000 v Orange 480 +480 minutes
    200SMS v 1000SMS is the only big difference. but with the difference in price one could pay for unlimited texts.
    $60 v $160

  3. Why are there so few texts available in these iPhone plans. It’s one of the main reasons stopping me from getting one when my contract runs out.
    I know the iPhone has email, but none of my friends phones do at the moment, so to keep in touch with them on the go, I need to send texts.
    In the UK £35 gets you only 200, with other deals you can get twice as many texts, for less than half the price, and they come with a free phone.


    I’m not sure if this is a mistake on AT&T;’s part or not, but the option to remove your iPhone data plan is now available. Previously, this was something you could not change.

    Benefits do doing something like this is that you wouldn’t pay $20 (or more) for data if you don’t enjoy EDGE or use it sparsely. Also, some refrain from using it because of the slow speeds.

    This wouldn’t be great for someone who checks the weather on the go, or doesn’t use WiFi a lot.

    So, if you just hate EDGE and have always wanted to get rid of it, now you can. Just go to your AT&T;myAccount page and click “Add/Manage Features”.

    Also, a note: this will additionally remove text messaging, you should add a text messaging plan if you don’t want to pay by the message.

  5. @John

    Fortunately, France is only a little part of Europe.

    Anyway, prices in Europe are f***ing higher than in the US.

    There’s not such thing as a free market in Europe, unfortunately…

    Oh, BTW, in Europe you don’t pay when you receive a call…

  6. Those plans are FUCKED UP. 4hrs + 50SMS + unlimited data = 49€/mo?!?

    In Finland you can get that for like 25€/mo and the data connection is 3G. The 119€/mo is like 60€/mo in Finland. I don’t if 119€/mo is expensive in France, but sounds like a blood sucking considering what you get.

  7. Nobody read that about the Orange plan? :
    «As the French law states, customers will be able to unlock their iPhone for free six months after their purchase but Orange will allow them to do that before that date for a 100€ charge.»

  8. > Fortunately, France is only a little part of Europe.

    – has a population of around 64 million people;
    – has the biggest country in Europe by land mass;
    – has the second largest country in the European Union by population;
    – has the sixth largest economy in the world;
    – is a founding member of the European Union;
    – is a founding member of the United Nations;
    – is a member of the G8; and
    – is a permanent member of the UN Security Council.

    And before I hear yet another American who is under the age of fifty invoke the Second World War, remember that without France, America would never have secured its independence from the British. One wonders if, as a nation, we can ever be forgiven.

    The market that exists within the EU is the ‘common market’. As to complaints about a lack of the free market, perhaps citizens of the United Stated should look closer to home here:

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