Court orders T-Mobile Germany allow iPhone use on rival carriers

“A court order handed down Monday against Deutsche Telekom mobile arm T-Mobile demands that iPhone be sold in Germany unlocked and without a two-year contract, the Wall Street Journal clarifies,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

“The German carrier has been given to the close of business on Wednesday to alter its marketing (subscription required) of the Apple handset to reflect the Court’s demands. The change in conditions will reportedly be valid until another hearing before a Hamburg court, which is expected in two weeks,” Marsal reports.

“For its part, however, T-Mobile is standing firm, claiming that its marketing model for the iPhone is correct. In a statement Tuesday, it said that sales of the Apple handset are continuing and that it reserves the right to claim damages from Vodafone,” Marsal reports.

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  1. Clearly the iPhone will work on other carriers as is clearly witnessed here in Canada. I, however, think that using an unlocked phone on another carrier is sort of pointless. these people will lose some of the signature features of the iPhone and some of its cachet is gone when you lose those features. I don’t see the point.

  2. Very very sad.

    I hope to see ALL products in Germany UNLOCKED and sold for everyone to F__K with which ever way they wish.

    Therefore everything OPEN-SOURCE – free operating systems, no music shall be managed, no more shall we see need for lawyers because the final word will be, “ANYTHING GOES”.

    hey not good in my mind but maybe everyone is happy.

    I just don’t care if my iPhone is LOCKED.
    It would be nice to choose a carrier – sure.
    But then where does the OPTIONS stop?

    Just plain sad.

  3. so what will happen to all of these telco’s pretty little exclusivity contracts when the courts rule that exclusivity is illegal?
    I imagine that’s why Apple didn’t have much fear of signing 5 year contracts, because by then, they will be voided by legislation!
    Or Apple will add audio in/out on the iPod Touch and discontinue the iPhone so that we can all enjoy free VOIP!!!

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