Black market Apple iPhones are China’s newest ‘Ai Feng’ (‘Love Craze’)

“Despite rampant rumors of a deal between Apple and China’s largest cellphone carrier, no one knows when the iPhone is supposed to hit China officially. But that hasn’t stopped Apple’s popular smartphone, known in China as ‘Ai Feng’ (‘Love Craze’), from becoming a bona fide black-market hit,” Aventurina King reports for Wired.

“In one Chinese netizen’s words: ‘It’s like the whole country has gone iPhone, all my friends have become iPhoners,'” King reports.

“The iPhone is readily available in computer superstores in most large Chinese cities… Chinese websites have iPhone fever, too. A search through blog-hosting site Sina returns more than 63,000 posts mentioning the iPhone. There are forums providing instantaneous updates of cracking software (to keep up with Apple’s twitchy defense mechanisms) and large support communities — the largest,, has 170,000 members,” King reports.

“Although these services may look legitimate, the Chinese iPhone market is completely unauthorized. All of the iPhones sold in China are unlocked, and not a single one has Apple insurance or warranty coverage,” King reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Mike in Helsinki” for the heads up.]


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