ZDNet blogger Mary Jo Foley: Could Leopard drive some switchers to Vista?

“Apple advocates are doing the unthinkable: They’re complaining publicly about a new Apple product release,” Mary Jo Foley writes for ZDNet’s “All About Microsoft” blog.

MacDailyNews Take: Oh, Mary Jo, that’s a good one! As we know all too well, Apple advocates complaining publicly about a new Apple product release is hardly unthinkable, it’s unavoidable. Funny stuff!

Foley continues, “Even typically staunch Mac backers are admitting that Apple’s new Leopard operating system is not perfect. It might even be as problem-prone (if not more so) as Windows Vista. Could Leopard go so far as to drive some switchers into Vista’s arms? Sounds crazy, but who knows….”

MacDailyNews Take: ROTFLOFAO! Pure comedy gold, Mary Jo! Keep it coming!

Foley continues, “If you’re Microsoft — especially a member of the Vista team — there’s no way you can help but gloat. Very few Softies or their loyal followers are gloating publicly. But there’s no way they aren’t enjoying this turning of the tables.”

MacDailyNews Take: The. Next. Roseanne.

For her grand finale, Mary Jo offers up a poll, “If Microsoft would and could create a new Vista vs. Leopard campaign, which route should it take?” Unfortunately, the comedy stylings of Mary Jo Foley fall flat with uninspired, groan-inducing multiple choice answers that, if you must, are in the full blog post here.

MacDailyNews Take: She almost had it until that poll. Thud. Oh, well, she did provide some good laughs earlier on. Thanks, Mary Jo! Boy, that vacant soccer-mom look, writing tech gibberish as if she knows even a whit about what she’s writing, that dopey smile – what an act! WE LOVE IT! ZDNet is to be commended for injecting a comedienne’s satire into the sometimes bland world of technology.


  1. This woman is so out-of-touch with just about everything she writes about.

    Also, she needs to change the horrible “smiley face” icon she has. It’s as if she is soooooo proud of Microsoft that she’s overjoyed.

  2. What a douche bag.

    Mac users ALWAYS complain about Apple products. We Mac users complain with the hope that Apple will make their stuff even BETTER. That’s just PART of the Mac experience!

    So, what planet is SHE living on? Oh, I forgot she lives in Windows HELL.

  3. well i’m not going to vista, but i wish I could go back to tiger.

    the external with my tiger back-up just died today and i’m stuck in headache hell with leopard. i love os x, have been using it since the beginning, but gee golly this upgrade has been a nightmare for me. so many buggy things, and so little of it acknowledged elsewhere.

    automator is falling apart, itunes and ipod stopped speaking, calendars don’t sync, window views keep changing, wireless connectivity bugs, spotlight starting up every other day to re-index my 500 gb external drive (again and agian), safari running at 80% CPU, oh and don’t even get me started on stacks …..

    just my 2 cents, i should have waited a few months

  4. FUD, FUD, FUD, FUD, and fscking FUD. Nothing more, nothing less. When the first incarnation of ANYTHING appears on the market, is it perfect? Only if you believe a cow shits on a toilet! Leopard was out at the end of October, and the first equivalent of a service pack, 10.5.1, came out mere weeks later. Where’s SP1 for Vista? Up Steve Ballmer’s fat ass, that’s where.

    Mary Jo, you are an idiot, and if you think anyone would go back to Vista at this point, you’re high. You’re probably part of the same moronic group that thinks that since the Zune appeared (briefly) as a bigger seller than the iPod on Amazon.com that the iPod’s days are numbered (they dropped the price to get the thing out of inventory).

    I just love shit like this. Mary Jo, maybe you should follow what Piper Jaffery is saying about Apple right now and you’ll get a clue. Sheesh.

  5. @JoJo

    sounds like you have a case of the “something is terribly wrong with my system, maybe I should do a clean install”. It sounds like there is something WAY more wrong going on than Leopard. I installed it on TWO machines (macbook and Mac Pro) and have yet to see one bug or issue. The only issue i had was with Parallels. But that was resolved with a reinstall of the app.

    I don’t think Leopard is your problem, it sounds like there is something else going on that you have not mentioned. I have not had ONE bug in regards to the system functions you mention.

  6. @Jojo

    Have to agree with Doh to an extent. I did have some issues with slow boot-ups and shutdowns, but someone recommended to do an Archive and Install even over the upgrade I did to Leopard. That actually did the trick. Very few problems since.


  7. Have fun with Mary Jo, but remember this:

    What she is talking about is what you get when you set your standards to be better than the worst.

    Inevitably, the time comes when you can’t really tell the difference.

  8. Yet another nobody who knows nothing writing pure crap. Although after reading the comments (yes, I sadly visited the blog), I can see the type of audience that she’s addressing. I’m willing to bet that she suffers from other Fraudian problems as well. I.E. _____ envy. You fill in the blank. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  9. wow, that is some stretch….

    even the most vocal MS supporters i know think that vista is garbage and beyond repair. even the most tepid of Apple supporters i know, at worst, suggest Leopard needs a few fixes.

    i wonder where she hears this stuff. or is she just pulling it out of her arse?

    meanwhile, on the side bar it says “Vista woes lead IT pros to Macs, Linux.”


  10. You know it is sad when Dvorak has a death watch on Vista, and this sort of “journalism” is going on.

    For the record, there are TWO programs that keep me from running Leopard. The major one is Protools. Hopefully it will work soon.

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