Apple launches new ‘Get a Mac’ Web ad: ‘Give Up On Vista’ (with video)

A clever new Apple dual-banner campaign, “Give Up On Vista,” was spotted by MacDailyNews readers today on CNET (<— click and you might see it, too) and perhaps other Websites as well: Video via YouTube (please forgive the quality at the beginning – YouTube, ya know – it clears up pretty quickly):

Direct link to ad via YouTube:


  1. I can’t remember when was the last time I laughed in my office! This is just side-splitting hilarious!

    And of all places, C-NET!! Microsoft must be sending a protest note just about now!

    Obviously, this kind of ‘cheap shot’ advertising would never see broadcast TV. For the web, though, it is excellent and it sure will rile up a lot of people (especially on C-NET; perhaps ZD-Net as well)

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