“A minimalist redesign, a zippy new OS, and terrific new software make the iMac the all-in-one desktop computer of choice for multimedia lovers,” Cliff Edwards reports for BusinessWeek.

Apple’s iMac is “the machine to beat if you want an all-in-one desktop computer. Between its design makeover, new multimedia software, and the ability to play games once confined to Windows-based computers and dedicated game consoles, the iMac remains the undisputed champ,” Edwards reports.

“The glossy glass screen takes some getting used to, but the glare from external lighting doesn’t affect viewing as much as I had feared it would when I first took the iMac out of the box,” Edwards reports.

MacDailyNews Take: If they felt they had to choose just one, Apple chose the right option: You can effectively make a glossy screen matte, but you can’t effectively make a matte screen glossy. Please see related article: Apple MacBook, iMac screens too glossy? Apply inexpensive non-glare film – November 05, 2007

Edwards continues, “Few would argue iMacs aren’t things of beauty, but what really makes them stand out is Apple’s great software. High on that list is the company’s new operating system, OS X Leopard, released in late October. Leopard is yet another notch in Apple’s belt that will keep it ahead of rival Windows machines in the consumer space… Unlike the new Windows Vista platform, Leopard took only about 30 seconds from the time I turned the machine on until it was ready for me to use. Some Windows machines can take as long as three minutes to boot.”

MacDailyNews Take: Apple Macs running Leopard are superior to Windows machines in the business space, too. Even if your company has sentenced you to Windows-only shackles (usually manufactured by Microsoft, unsurprisingly), you can run Windows on a Mac, but you can’t run Mac OS X, iLife, iWork, etc. on a dime-a-dozen PC. Special note: If your company has an IE-only website, you occupy a special place in our prayers.

Edwards continues, “Digging into the software beyond Leopard, my favorite application is the redesigned iMovie. A new skimming feature lets you zip through footage to find a favorite scene and then drag and drop it into the editing queue… iMovie eliminates much of the pain of slicing and dicing your own movies… The iMovie software even lets you share clips to the .Mac online service, iPhone, or iPod, as well as to YouTube.”

Edwards writes, “While many people are turning to notebooks for their next computers, anyone buying the new iMac won’t be disappointed.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Macaday” for the heads up.]