Apple’s Mac OS X beats out Windows, takes 53.9% OS-only market share in Japan

“Microsoft’s has taken a bruising in the Japanese marketplace just as Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard was released, according to a new report by the country’s Business Computer News,” Electronista reports.

“The publication notes that while sales of Mac OS X increased dramatically between September and October, climbing from a rate of 15.5% year-over-year to 60.5%, Microsoft suffered from the reverse effect,” Electronista reports.

“Sales growth of Windows plummeted from 75.3% to 28.7%,” Electronista reports. “The sudden switch provided Apple with about 53.9% of the total OS-only marketshare in Japan during October — a breakthrough for the company, BCN says.”

Full article here.

BCN’s report via Google Japanese to English translation here.


  1. that is a huge grow because to get windows you can have any computer, but to have Mac OS, you need a Apple Mac. So it is not as easily to get OSX, but is a lot more satisfactory to have it that having windows machines.

  2. There were some issues when they translated the news into English. Here’s what the report REALLY said:


    Hope that clears up a few things.

  3. Well, careful folks, don’t get too excited – need to read the fine print in the original source report:



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