Apple MacBook Pro with 64GB solid state drive

Engadget’s Ryan Block has transplanted a Samsung 64GB solid state drive into his Apple MacBook Pro and finds that a fresh install of Mac OS X Leopard booting with a number of extensions and startup items boots up in about 20 seconds:

This is really how everyone’s laptop experience should be: free from worries about platter scratches or head crashes from bumps or drops; silent, cool drive operation; super fast access to your data. It’s just an early taste of what portable computing will be like in a few years, and it’s amazing.

Blocks times his Samsung 64GB SSD-equipped MacBook Pro with an Apple iPhone:

Direct link via YouTube:

Full article here.

Block’s review of Samsung’s 64GB SSD for Engadget here.


  1. To be fair, he shouldn’t start the stopwatch until the “bong” sound is heard. It’s more like 15 seconds. But still, it’s really not significantly faster than my mac mini (intel core duo) boots Leopard from its regular old stone age spinning magnetic platter hard drive. I’ve got a couple Vista machines, and if you need to boot one of those up, seriously, go get a cup of coffee, check the mail, pet the cat, and when you get back to your desk it *might* be ready for you to log in. Then once you do, go get the laundry out of the dryer and fold your clothes, because after you log in, you’ve got about 5 minutes of hard drive grinding and spinning blue rings to watch before you actually have a usable desktop.

  2. Ha, my Mac has always booted in less than 15 seconds since 6 years ago.

    I got a RAID 0 pair of 10,000 Raptors.

    1: Use existing boot drive and Carbon Copy Cloner to clone to a Zeroed fresh external drive.

    2: Option boot from the clone, repair permissions and install the Raptors making them a RAID 0. Zero the RAID set to elliminate bad sectors (you need speed and acurracy)

    3: Clone the external to the new RAID set and reboot.

    4: There is no step four. Just ZOOOM!!!

    You get way more storage capacity too.

    But a solid state drive is ideal. I’ve known people who maxed out the RAM in their MacPro and set up a RAM disk and installed a OS in there for REALLY REALLY fast speeds.

    You see Apple doesn’t want us to have all that speed. Or else we won’t upgrade.

    I certainly don’t need a new Mac for the next 10-15 years. This thing is awesomly fast and it’s 6 years old!!!

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