FUD Alert: The Daily Mail publishes Apple iPhone hit piece

“Anyone listening to the tsunami of hype surrounding the launch of the iPhone would think that Apple had brought about the Second Coming,” Michael Hanlon writes for The Daily Mail.

MacDailyNews Take: We sense a bit of attitude.

Hanlon continues, “It has been so lauded that it seems Apple boss Steve Jobs has convinced everyone he actually invented the mobile phone.”

MacDailyNews Take: Do you sense it, too?

Hanlon continues, “The iPhone is the phone for the stars; Paris Hilton has apparently got one.”

MacDailyNews Take: Well, really, it was obvious from the git’s opening line.

Hanlon continues, “And now it is coming here. The God Machine, as it has become known because ‘it can do everything,’ goes on sale in Britain tomorrow from two minutes past six in the evening, precisely.”

MacDailyNews Take: Hoo boy!

Hanlon continues, “From what I have learned from the various technical reviews that have accompanied the launch of this device, the chances are that my wallet will be staying firmly closed.”

MacDailyNews Take: So, this particular Fud-spewer hasn’t even touched an iPhone. But, sure as the shit he’s slinging, that doesn’t stop him from plodding on…

Hanlon continues, “Like its cousins, the Mac computers and the ubiquitous iPod, it is a triumph of chunky sleekness.”

MacDailyNews Take: And now it’s obvious that he’s never touched a current Mac or iPod model, either.

Hanlon continues by actually writing some nice things about the iPhone (“in design terms, it is a justified hit”), but quickly recovers with, “I almost want one. But according to some specialist reviews, the iPhone isn’t quite all it is cracked up to be. For a start, it is an American mobile phone and that alone may be enough to raise suspicions.”

MacDailyNews Take: It’s Apple’s first phone. To judge the product based on where their company headquarters are located makes absolutely no sense. But, when you haven’t even touched one and you have to fill space in The Daily Mail, anything goes, it seems.

The very much non-hands-on Hanlon continues with the usual litany of talking points seemingly regurgitated from competitors’ FUD campaigns: no 3G without noting Wi-Fi, no user-replaceable battery, only 2 megapixel camera, questioning whether a single device can do multiple jobs well, blah, blah, blah.

Hanlon concludes, “Unlike everyone else in the media, I have always considered Apples to be the work of the devil, with their ‘cutesy’ styling and their bossy error messages. True, Apples are ‘cool’ and, above all, fashionable. And fashion, of course, represents the ultimate squandering of human talent. Nope, don’t think I will be getting an iPhone.”

Full article, Think Before You Click™, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Mr Skills” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: It seems like we are destined to relive the various stages of the U.S. iPhone launch as each new country comes online, including tired, FUD-laden garbage from morons with massive baggage who haven’t even touched the device, much less used one enough to write about it with any shred of authority. Oh, joy.

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  1. Just some thoughts:

    1. MDN says, “And now it’s obvious that he’s never touched a current Mac or iPod model, either.” It is however obvious that he spends considerable time touching himself.

    2. As a long time Mac user [like since the beginning of Mac time] I’m personally thrilled that Apple is even capable of creating hype beyond its established Mac user base. In other words, it just demonstrates that they finally figured out how to market stuff.

    3. Yes there is lots of attitude in the article, but the more attitude the better for Apple – it doesn’t even matter what kind of attitude it is. The more people write and express their feelings about Apple products the better it goes.

  2. he raises a flag cause it’s American made. Please… Sorry Nokia didnt come up with it and their pompus attitudes with their kiddy UI on the their phones or some Asian company that makes good products but confusing as hell to get to work.

  3. The Daily Mail is a newspaper that trys to be controversial but apeal to the masses.

    It’s one of the UK’s odd-ball newspapers to be honest with the article obviously being written by some windozzzzz fan-boi.

    The article holds no merit as it is the ‘reporter’s’ opinion (I use the word ‘reporter’ loosley as his probably isnt even qualified!), and everyone has their own opinion on everything so it’s a pretty worthless piece of drivel that will be tomorrow’s fish and chip wrapping paper.

    If the guy wants credibility, do an honest review of the product with no political bias or opinion.

    Only then is this piece of amateur journalism worth reading.

  4. “And fashion, of course, represents the ultimate squandering of human talent. Nope, don’t think I will be getting an iPhone.”

    At least there was some talent to squander. I see zero talent, skill or homework in this article.

    Yes, the iPhone is just a “fashion statement”—nothing useful could ever be done with such a frivolous bauble. Anyone could throw together some glass and electronics and software and have a device as useful as the iPhone. (Oh, I forgot, MS already tried that.)

  5. Good.

    Ask any intelligent Englishman about the Daily Mail and they’ll tell you their opinion is the exact opposite.

    So anything the Daily Mail says is wrong, therefore iPhone is good.

    Reviews from BBC, The Guardian or The Times are probably worth noting, but most other news sources here are Foxed to death or mainly concerned with breasts. Or both.

    Honestly, I’m pretty sick of people who’ve NEVER SEEN a product writing reviews on it.

  6. Amazing what selective quotations can do for generating hits on this website. The article is actually far more balanced and raises some interesting comparisons with competing phones – all of which are available for free with the appropriate contract. The iPhone is certainly sexy, but feature-for-feature it is generally a generation or two behind. It all comes down to what the owner’s priorities are: a fashion statement with outstanding interface (iPhone); or a less sexy interface but better features at lower cost (the rest). Horses for courses folks. No need to get so defensive about a frigging telephone.

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