FUD Alert: The Daily Mail publishes Apple iPhone hit piece

“Anyone listening to the tsunami of hype surrounding the launch of the iPhone would think that Apple had brought about the Second Coming,” Michael Hanlon writes for The Daily Mail.

MacDailyNews Take: We sense a bit of attitude.

Hanlon continues, “It has been so lauded that it seems Apple boss Steve Jobs has convinced everyone he actually invented the mobile phone.”

MacDailyNews Take: Do you sense it, too?

Hanlon continues, “The iPhone is the phone for the stars; Paris Hilton has apparently got one.”

MacDailyNews Take: Well, really, it was obvious from the git’s opening line.

Hanlon continues, “And now it is coming here. The God Machine, as it has become known because ‘it can do everything,’ goes on sale in Britain tomorrow from two minutes past six in the evening, precisely.”

MacDailyNews Take: Hoo boy!

Hanlon continues, “From what I have learned from the various technical reviews that have accompanied the launch of this device, the chances are that my wallet will be staying firmly closed.”

MacDailyNews Take: So, this particular Fud-spewer hasn’t even touched an iPhone. But, sure as the shit he’s slinging, that doesn’t stop him from plodding on…

Hanlon continues, “Like its cousins, the Mac computers and the ubiquitous iPod, it is a triumph of chunky sleekness.”

MacDailyNews Take: And now it’s obvious that he’s never touched a current Mac or iPod model, either.

Hanlon continues by actually writing some nice things about the iPhone (“in design terms, it is a justified hit”), but quickly recovers with, “I almost want one. But according to some specialist reviews, the iPhone isn’t quite all it is cracked up to be. For a start, it is an American mobile phone and that alone may be enough to raise suspicions.”

MacDailyNews Take: It’s Apple’s first phone. To judge the product based on where their company headquarters are located makes absolutely no sense. But, when you haven’t even touched one and you have to fill space in The Daily Mail, anything goes, it seems.

The very much non-hands-on Hanlon continues with the usual litany of talking points seemingly regurgitated from competitors’ FUD campaigns: no 3G without noting Wi-Fi, no user-replaceable battery, only 2 megapixel camera, questioning whether a single device can do multiple jobs well, blah, blah, blah.

Hanlon concludes, “Unlike everyone else in the media, I have always considered Apples to be the work of the devil, with their ‘cutesy’ styling and their bossy error messages. True, Apples are ‘cool’ and, above all, fashionable. And fashion, of course, represents the ultimate squandering of human talent. Nope, don’t think I will be getting an iPhone.”

Full article, Think Before You Click™, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Mr Skills” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: It seems like we are destined to relive the various stages of the U.S. iPhone launch as each new country comes online, including tired, FUD-laden garbage from morons with massive baggage who haven’t even touched the device, much less used one enough to write about it with any shred of authority. Oh, joy.

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  1. @ron

    Have you actually read a newspaper in the UK? The Daily Mirror and certainly The Guardian lean to the left a bit but most of the others are firmly right wing. The Daily Mail is about as right wing as it can get without actually joining the Nazi party.

    Remember the UK has a very strong mobile phone culture. A 2MB camera is poor these days for a class leading device and Edge is slow and has poor coverage when most people with a phone above the very basic models have been enjoying 3G for years.

    The whole package is superb but feature for feature there are arguably better specced devices out there.

    I’m waiting for the next version when I can have 3G (don’t trust O2 to deliver anywhere near 100% Edge coverage) and 16GB memory.

  2. Daily Nail has me blocked from comments because they don’t like the truth. Lots of Limeys are knocking the phone, and they’re being published. I’m a Limey, so don’t take a fence – or somethink. That’s how most UK’ers talk.

  3. The Daily Mail is a gobshite rag that loves purveying a crazed mix of health-paranoia and the twisted takes on Princess Di (well she does sell papers).

    A bit of Apple-knocking fits the DM I guess, though where Hanlon gets Apple products being “a squandering of human talent” heaven knows.

    The man’s a twat.

  4. This is what really irritates me, the iPhone may have genuine problems, how many there are and how bad they are is open for debate. The iPhone won’t be for everyone, but for many all its advantages more than make up for any flaws – in the same way that the many flaws of some other phones are not offset by their longer feature list. Give an informed, honest evaluation and you overall opinion or shut up.

  5. Ahh the good old Daily Mail, a.k.a. The Daily Fascist (on account of their almost lone support for Mosely’s Blackshirts during the 1930s) and so-called Voice of Middle England <guffaw>

    This rag spews more FUD (on any topic) than the rest of Fleet Street put together. No one but retired majors and old spinsters in Tunbridge Wells read this shite. There’s more factual reporting in The Beano than there is in the Daily Snail – oy!


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