How to use ‘Back to My Mac’ without using .Mac via iChat Screen Sharing

“One of the new features of Mac OS 10.5, a.k.a. Leopard, is .Mac’s Back to My Mac, a way to connect to your computer at home remotely. Back to My Mac allows a user log into another Mac remotely via internet. This is a great feature but it is only available if you are a .Mac subscriber. However, the new iChat supports Screen Sharing, so the only thing to figure out is how to auto-accept a Screen Share invitation and how to do it securely. This quick tutorial will show you how set up iChat to do just that,” Melvin Rivera reports for All Forces.

“This set up requires that both computers run Leopard. You also need two separate iChat supported IM accounts, one for each computer. This could be AIM, .Mac or Jabber accounts,” Rivera reports.

Full article here.

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  1. will this work in the following situation?
    – say you’re logged into your your account on your home Mac, BUT the login screen is active – e.g. someone fast-switched users, and your userid is not the currently active one but you never logged out and you left iChat running in your account.

    will iChat in your account still auto-answer? or can you only screen share when your account at home is frontmost and active?
    just curious if that would work…

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