How to make your Mac OS X Leopard screen corners round again

Mac users who miss the rounded corners atop their new Mac OS X Leopard screens can undo Apple’s (misguided?) decision to square them off in Windows-esque fashion.

MacDailyNews Note: Apple Macs have had rounded corners since their inception. Mac OS 7.6, released January 7, 1997, did away with the rounded corners on the bottom (along with the “System” moniker).

“Displaperture,” from developer Many Tricks, brings back rounded screen corners to Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.

Users can decide which corners they wish to be rounded off, choose their radii, and enjoy their Macs the way Macs were meant to be.

Displaperture is a universal binary and free for download (if you like it, the developer accepts donations).

More info and download link here.


  1. To be honest. It’s so slight and not important, I didn’t even notice the corners were squared off. I actually had to look at a system running Tiger to tell the difference. I think this on the top of the “Things gone from Tiger we don’t need nor care about” list.

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