AT&T debuts international Apple iPhone data plans starting at $25 per month

“AT&T on Friday announced a pair of flat-rate international data plans [for Apple’s iPhone] starting at just $25 per month,” AppleInsider reports.

“A new $60 Data Global Plan will offer iPhone users 50MB of data per month to browse the Web, check e-mail and access other information in more than 29 countries, including Canada, China, Mexico and in areas throughout Europe and Asia,” AppleInsider reports.

“AT&T is also offering a 20MB Data Global Plan for iPhone customers for $$25 a month. The 20MB bucket applies to usage within the same 29 countries,” AppleInsider reports.

More details and links in the full article here.


  1. So you mean if I’m an iPhone-using State Dept. official who doesn’t want to be assigned to Iraq, I can use said iPhone to call for help after the administration renditions my ass and parachutes me into the Green Zone?

    Wow, cool! Thanks, AT&T;!

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  2. Good start, but consider…

    This single MDN page, with only 3 comments as I write this, clocked in at 491 KB, with additional overhead of 95 HTTP requests according to YSlow in Firefox.

    Thankfully cached items brings it down to just 95 KB, but worst case scenario a little over 100 views of MDN pages alone will take you over the 50 MB limit…

  3. This plan requires a 1 year contract–you can’t just buy it for a single month or period of time you might be overseas. You must also have a US plan in place, so no Canadian purchases for use there. In short, it truly sucks.

    If they won’t voluntarily unlock iPhones for overseas travel I think owners are justified in jailbreaking them and buying local SIM cards for overseas use.

  4. To call daughter in Saigon we arrange a time for a call via e-mail, and then use Skype computer to computer.
    To call in NA (ex. Mexico) we use Skype’s $29.95 a year option,
    Computer to telephone.
    In Canada, we have to save money somehow ’cause we’re taxed to death, Alberta excluded.

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