One way to put Mac OS X Leopard’s Stacks to good use: Organize your Dock

“In Tiger, my dock had 30+ hard to see tiny tiny app icons. But in Leopard, using the following method, I am finding the 10.5 dock to be the best launcher ever,” junkie explains for macosxhints. “I’ve created little stacks of apps for each app area and the big suites:

Productivity: MS Office and iWork
Creative: Adobe CS3
Utilities: Just the ones I use most
iLife: iLife applications
Media: Players, download tools, etc.

Junkie explains, “To do this, I created new folders for each stack. Each of these is a real folder with aliases to the respective apps. It took maybe two minutes. The benefit over Tiger is that stacks are all visually identifiable, because the stack of app icons show thru, no thinking up some custom icon for an office suite or mousing over identical folder icons trying to figure out what’s what.”

Full article – and many other great Leopard hints – via macosxhints here.


  1. This is exactly what I did on Saturday. I’m still finding myself using Quicksilver more often than not, but this is a nice way to organize apps and cut down on the number of items in the dock.

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    & by the way, Tigers are an endangered species!! substitute them with Camel’s, that way you will still have a pet peeve and Camel’s Milk for life and not just Christmas!!!!!

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