How to install Mac OS X Leopard on a non-Apple-branded PC in 3 easy steps

“Well its been only a day since the Mac OSX Leopard was released officially by Apple and the hackers have managed to create a patched DVD that everyone like you and me can use to install Leopard on PC’s without having to buy a Mac,” dailyApps reports.

“Please note the tutorial that I am going to post is still experimental and things might not work the right way simply because it is still early days in hacking Leopard to work on PC’s. Well if you don’t mind your PC getting screwed then go ahead and try out this tutorial,” dailyApps reports.

Full article here.

[Attribution: TUAW. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “RadDoc” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Note: Not that your average hacker would care, but Apple’s Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Software License Agreement explicitly states that users are allowed to install, use and run the OS only on Apple-labeled computers.


  1. look, i’m not trying to bash macs here. I like macs okay? i’m just wondering why you think this is a bad thing? why do you think that allowing mroe people to experience the mac OS is doing wrong to your beloved apple?

  2. “yeah, cuz i’m gonna go spend $600 on a watered down computer that doesn’t do nearly enough of the thinhgs i need it to do. Great idea.”

    really? like what. name it. what does your bargain price dell do that a mini can’t. tell me…..

    better yet, tell what a “real” computer is, just post a link to this magical computer you would prefer over anything that Apple offers, for a better price, and tell us what it does that a Mac can’t.

    ….we have all played this game before you see. it can’t be done. people make the same lame excuse you did ALL THE TIME, and everytime they find a machine that compares spec wise to a Mac, the price compares well too. sometimes the Macs are even cheaper.

    “why do you think that allowing mroe people to experience the mac OS is doing wrong to your beloved apple?”

    many would say that because Apple is a hardware company, that if people are pirating software to install on a PC they lose 2 sales. one is the actual software sale, and the second is the machine it runs on. so how is doing wrong? oh i don’t theft is wrong to some people……

    myself, i don’t think it will matter, as many other people already said, those people who do this are just one step from buying. i suspect most people will go that way.

    no, what i object to is your rationalization of an unethical behavior. you are just lying to us about your reason. or you are lying to yourself. or you have no sense of value. take your pick.

  3. If you like Macs, then buy one and support the business that creates, puts the R&D;into new developments for it, and if you can’t afford a new one there are plenty of bargains to be had second hand/used, bearing in mind that Macs last perfectly well for many many years.

    Anyone bothering to hack OSX into a beige box will certainly be switching shortly thereafter…

  4. I agree Shen, take a breath and write more deliberately.

    Though what you said is very poignant and the message certainly wasn’t lost on me, we would hear you much better if you constructed your prose with more care.

  5. @E of E

    No, what we so-called grammar Nazis are trying to do is get his point faster by not having to fill in missing capitalization, punctuation, and missing words that make a sentence difficult to parse. In human factors engineering, with which I have had a professional involvement, this is known as signal to noise ratio. If Apple were as sloppy in its interface design, this ratio of usability would be working against you, me and every Mac user.

    MW: issue, as in It is an important issue.

  6. Wake me up when the geek/hacker crying is over. Let me play a violin for you while you’re troubleshooting your cobbled-together PC, PC user. Your ignorance of Macs makes your trolling attempts laughable. You can get a used Mac. You could also get a new iMac for under 1.5k EASY. Now shut up and go troll elsewhere.

  7. 2 Grand bought me a top-of-the line 15″ MacBook Pro.

    I bougth it because I work heavily on development and audio/video production.

    A lot of my friend whos don’t do anything like I do paid more for crappier PC laptops.

    a MacBook is perfect for what most people do: Internet, email, office apps. And it’s under $1200.

    a Mac Mini is perfect for what most people do, at $600.

    Add to it the software and the productivity you gain for using a Mac, and even if it’s a little more expensive than an equivalent PC (it’s not), it’s well worth it and it pays by itself.

  8. At any point in time, there will be latest-model refurbished iMacs on Apple’s web site for about 15% to 20% off. You could get a 20″ Core 2 Duo iMac for a bit over $1,000. Or a white C2D MacBook for under $1,000. Not having $2,000 for a new computer I can understand (to some extent; unless you’re flipping burgers at $5 an hour, you’re making more than $2000 per month). Not being able to save extra $200-300 (the difference between a cheapo Dell with cheap monitor and comparable Mac) makes absolutely no sense. Therefore, money is not the excuse here.

    In that case, it is probably that age-old subconscious perception that has been hammered into PC-owners’ mind that “Macs are more expensive than PCs”. Which is fine, as long as we agree that this is the reason, and NOT the price.

    As for hacked Mac OS X (x86, as they affectionately call it), it can have a purpose, even though it is illegal. I have used it to convince management at work that I can create better, more interesting things on a Mac rather than Windows. The result was that a new Mac was approved and purchased. The old PC with X86 installed on it was reformatted and given to someone else.

    It is possible that similar scenario happens elsewhere. Exposure to OS X (and not just in Apple or CompUSA stores) creates new enthusiastic users. It’s just like with heroin: the first hit is free…

  9. If you read the article carefully you’ll note that there are compromises when installing MacOSX on a PeeCee.

    “Please note this has not been extensively tested, so most of your Hardware like Sound, Network may not work.”

    No network and what about all the graphic card drivers.

    I know I’m preaching to the choir but these people STILL think Mac hardware is expensive. At least they’re thinking Mac… has a lot to do with Vista being such a disappointment.

  10. “why do you think that allowing mroe people to experience the mac OS is doing wrong to your beloved apple?”

    Like Shen stated, it’s causing them to lose money… so therefore, it’s doing wrong by them to steal their goods, much like it would any retailer if you stole from them. I’d have to say the reason it gripes me is the fact that Leopard will prob, more likely than not, run crappy on most any windoze PC setup and Apple will be blamed for it… adding fuel to the flaming. Much like mediocreSoft is blamed for every screw up that happens to windblows computers… whether it’s actually the os’s fault or not (most of the time it is windoze’s fault, but still). That’s why Apple builds the hardware to work as best as possible with the software. Ah well, if they wanna potentially screw up their computer with a hack, let ’em. I’ll still continue to support Apple… I like supporting innovators, not renovators.

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