CNET’s Reisinger: Apple’s Leopard will open the Mac OS X floodgates and embarrass Microsoft

“As many of you are aware, I think Windows Vista is a blunder. And with its annoying UAC system and horrifically slow operation, it won’t take long before the majority of home users agree with me. If the recent figures showing Mac OS X is already gaining market share is any indication of the future, look for Leopard to outsell Vista by a staggering margin,” Don Reisinger blogs for CNET.

“Simply put, Mac OS X Leopard is one of the most significant operating system achievements we have witnessed in years. Not only does it add functionality that Microsoft could only have dreamed of, it does so in a snappy environment that doesn’t annoy you with pop-ups asking for permission or all of those security threats we have come to know (and hate) in Windows,” Reisinger blogs.

“Unfortunately for Microsoft, the cards have been dealt and the future of the operating system market is beyond its control. Vista–its workhorse for the next three to five years–is the only thing standing between Microsoft’s command of the operating system market and Apple. But unfortunately for Microsoft, Leopard is a superior product on a ‘cool’ computer,” Reisinger blogs.

“With the release of the iPhone and its subsequent success, Apple has enjoyed record-setting profits, a significant increase in Mac market share, and continued success in the PMP market. Simply put, Apple is easily the most favored company in the industry. And while Leopard is more of an evolutionary jump than a revolutionary jump, it’s enough of a change to justify its purchase,” Reisinger blogs.

“Leopard was released at the right time. With Apple dominating headlines and becoming a company in vogue, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Mac sales jump far beyond expectations in the coming months. And once that happens, Leopard will start its rise and take a significant share away from Microsoft,” Reisinger blogs. “Believe what you will, but with sluggish sales and an outright condemnation on the part of retailers worldwide, Microsoft is in trouble.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “RadDoc” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: If Microsoft isn’t embarrassed by now, they’ll never be. Regardless of their shamelessness, all derivative schlockmeisters are destined to eventually meet that bitch named Karma.


  1. “Simply put, Mac OS X Leopard is one of the most significant operating system achievements we have witnessed in years.”
    A bit thick, perhaps, but entirely possible.
    “look for Leopard to outsell Vista by a staggering margin”
    Say … WHAT?!?!?
    OSX runs on Macs, not (legally) on generic PCs. There are reasons for that, one being that Apple doesn’t want to support all the third-rate gear many of those generic PCs are built out of. There’s no question that Vista will be able to pick up at least 10% of the over-all market, and that XP will keep OSX – superior though it is – in a minority position. Could Leopard outsell Vista? Sure. I’ll give you that. By a “staggering amount”? No. Won’t give you that. Apple can’t build enough Macs to make that a reality until after XP passes EOL and Vista SP2 is delivered. We’re talking about #1 world-wide, here, and Mac has not even broken the Top 5 there … yet.

  2. ‘Microsoft was a 90’s fluke.’

    I think so too. When one thinks about it, they haven’t been ‘#1’ for that long in the grand scheme of things. Someday everyone look back and view it as exactly that-a fluke-that Microsoft ever had any kind of relevance.

  3. Damn you ChrissyOne, you stole my snappy comment! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”raspberry” style=”border:0;” />

    The thing about Microsoft (and especially Ballmer) is that they never get thay they should be embarrassed, and that’s what makes them embarrassing.

  4. I don’t know. Vista has already sold 88 million copies according to MS (I know, I know). But for every Mac sold around the world there are 90 PCs with Vista installed sold. Hard to see OS X outselling Vista any time soon. We can hope for a change in market share, but that’s about it.

  5. Mac user since 1992 and totally committed. Ready and waiting to upgrade from my venerable and brilliant Cube to drop dead gorgeous IMac and Leopard (which I agree appears to knock spots off Vista). Now leopard has arrived I am about to place the order…….only one snag, reading the forums, IMac and Leopard don’t appear to mix! How very microsoft. Could it be that my favourite company has lost the plot. Any thoughts MDN

  6. Microsoft did report that 88 million copies of vista have been sold. But my question is is what accounts for the 88 million copies. Is it simply copies that they have sold to manufactures of computers, retail stores, etc? Or is it copies of vista that consumers have actually purchased either by itself or pre-installed on a new computer. My personal opinion is that microsoft needed to come out with some good news about vista due to the fact that Apple has been dominating headlines and if microsoft had any coverage, it usually was about problems that have surfaced concerning vista. So they found whatever information sounded best and went with it. I read the article and other subsequent articles and found nothing explaining where these sales figures are from. And all in all, at this point, apple does not have to outsell microsoft to be extremely successful with whatever product (or market) they are competing with. Apple’s momentum is getting bigger and bigger with every new product release that they have. Apple’s business model is obviously working. Let them do what they have been doing the whole time and stock price and market share will continue to rise.

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