Apple posts new iPod touch ad based on 18-year-old Mac fan’s commercial posted on YouTube

A television commercial for Apple’s new iPod touch, that began running in the U.S. on Sunday, has been posted on

The ad was created for broadcast by the longtime Apple agency, TBWA/Chiat/Day. It is based on a commercial that an 18-year-old English student and Apple devotee named Nick Haley, who got his first Macintosh at age 3, created on his own one day last month:

Direct link via YouTube here.

See the ad in various sizes and higher quality via here.

Haley’s original iPod touch ad via YouTube:

Direct link via YouTube here.


  1. It’s great that Apple really didn’t change the commercial too much. I noticed that they really only changed the content on the actual iPod and also got rid of the 8Gb and 16Gb graphic. I love the commercial and the song.

  2. I’m shocked at the similarity. I mean, I know it’s based on that youtube video, but I just didn’t know the original one is that polished and super identical.

    I love this ad more than the previous ‘calamari’, etc. but then again those were for iPhone.

  3. I love the ad. The kid is one lucky guy. The genius of the ad is the great song that goes perfectly with the iPod Touch. It’s as if the song was written specifically for the commercial. The kid probably got a nice payment for the ad and now that Brazilian band is going the have breathtaking album sales.

  4. Modern day Cinderella story. Every Mac owner can see in themselves something like this, to some degree. Genius that Apple/Chiat approached this ad in the manner they did.


  5. They cut the best part.

    At the end of the original, a forefinger suggestively caresses the dimple at the base of the apple logo. Now, the logo just gets lightly tapped in the center. They shoulda left it. It was hot.

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