“In Leopard, the newest version of Apple’s OS X operating system, the company has mentioned 300 or so new features. But I’m a Mac developer and user, and I’ve been using it from the inside. So what’s really there?” Fraser Speirs asks for The Guardian Unlimited.

Speirs describes some of Leopard’s notable new features and writes, “That’s the thing about Leopard: it brings many small enhancements, and while you may not be immediately struck by the importance of some of the features, this version of OS X adds up to more than the sum of its parts. Combine what Apple has already done with what third party developers will do in their Leopard applications, and this is going to be a very solid platform for the future.”

“Leopard is going to be a great release. In my opinion, Time Machine is going to be a great stealth hit. It won’t change your life on the day you install it, but milllions of users will turn it on, forget it and one day be very grateful that it has been sitting in the background keeping their files safe all the while,” Speirs reports.

“There are a ton of things built in to Leopard for programmers to play with; Core Animation is just the start. You won’t notice these improvements today, but in the long run, you’ll start to see great things happening on your Leopard-running Mac,” Speirs reports.

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