Dallas Morning News: Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard is a leap forward

“After months of anticipation, Apple users can finally buy the Leopard OS 10 today. Here are some of its distinguishing characteristics – and areas where there’s room for improvement,” Jim Rossman reports for The Dallas Morning News.

Rossman takes a look at:
• The Desktop
• The Finder
• Back to My Mac
• Quick Look
• Spaces
• Parental Controls
• Boot Camp

Rossman reports, “Leopard is a nice improvement on the Mac environment. It’s got enough stuff to almost make you feel as though you have a new computer.”

Full review, “Apple’s Leopard is a leap forward,” here.


  1. ‘Leap forward’ in what? Certainly not games. All Apple cares about are I-Pods, and even those are getting long in the tooth. Soon Microsoft will release magnificent new Zunes which will make I-Pods look like cassette Walkmans.

    The MAC OS is a 30 year old UNIX dinosaur that’s run it’s course. Get with the times, Apple. You want a leap forward? Get up out of your smug chair MAC lemmings and try the awesome Microsoft Windows Vista. There’s sure to be a version for everybody because Microsoft believes in customer choice. Apple only made one version of Leopard or Pussy or whatever—once again limiting customer choice.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  2. @zunetang

    It’s funny. You always mention games! Why do you have a computer in the first place? Do yourself a favor and get a console. That’s where the games are, and that seems to be what you’re always talking about.

  3. Mine was being delivered to my office by UPS, I must have seen 4 UPS vans drive by – when normally I wouldn’t see (notice) any, it then got delivered by a non-descript white van just as I was beginning to think something had happened. Now I just have to wait until I get home to use it.

  4. @ Macaday

    I agree with you. With ubiquitous internet connections nowadays, I would be in favor of them not including any print drivers then have the OS download them on demand. I think they should include an option on install to leave out the extra language packs so I don’t have to use a third party app like monolingual.

  5. I must admit that all these reviews are getting tedious. Since when was the Dallas MN a key opinion former? It’ll be the Falklands Island Flyer next.

    Btw, does anyone know if Leopard will be pre-installed on the new machines or does it come on a disk? I’m planning to replace my iMac in the near future and would use the disk to install a copy on my PB.

  6. Who gives a rat’s ass about games?!? If I want to play video games, I have a Sony PS3 connected to an HDTV that is better than any Windows PC anywhere is for gaming. For my computer, I just want an OS that works and isn’t bug and virus ridden like any flavor of Windows out there is.

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