Apple pulls wireless backup from initial Mac OS X Leopard release

“To the dismay of what is sure to be many, Apple Inc. appears to have pulled one of the more compelling features of its Leopard operating system last minute: the ability to use its revolutionary Time Machine backup software with wireless AirPort Disks,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

“In the months and weeks leading up to this evening’s launch of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, Apple had widely touted the feature under the tag line ‘Effortless meets wireless,'” Marsal reports.

“AppleInsider was able to confirm the absence of any AirPort Disk support in the version of Time Machine due to go on sale at 6:00 p.m. today as part of Leopard, even though earlier pre-release betas of the software had supported the feature. In addition, all references to wireless backup were also removed from the Time Machine help files included with the distribution,” Marsal reports.

“AirPort Disk backup support is not the only feature to have fallen victim to Apple’s self-imposed October launch deadline for Leopard. Last week AppleInsider noted that the ability to sync Mail notes to iPhone had seemingly also been axed,” Marsal reports. “Obviously, the hope is that Apple continues to refine these features — and others that may have missed the cut –with the intention of releasing them in the coming months as part of a Leopard software update.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Looks like those interested in wireless Time Machine backups, Mail notes syncing to iPhone, etc. will at least have to wait for Mac OS X 10.5.1. On a positive note: Apple released the first update to Mac OS X Tiger (10.4.1) on May 16, 2005, a mere 17 days after Tiger’s April 29th release.


  1. There are issues with wireless backups using the AEBS that doesn’t involve TimeMachine. I sent a ticket to Chronosync because if I left my network (to go to work) and came back, the backups wouldn’t find my usb disks. According to the chaps at chronosync “when a configuration change is made in the base station, it starts reporting a new creation date for the volume that it is serving. This appears to be the date that the configuration change is made rather than the actual creation date of the
    volume.Hence CS can’t recognize it as the same volume anymore.

    Boy the trolls are out today. Go play with Vista, kiddies.

    A future version will workaround this problem. Or maybe Apple will fix it.
    So it seems Apple has yet to fix.

  2. Ok..*smashing the mace of truth and reason into the head of Shoeman, and wiping Realist’s guts off the floor* the Thing would say, “It’s clobbering time!”

    All project managers drop features to meet dates. It’s not a Steve-specific thing, Shoeman. You can tell us (endlessly) how many Macs you own, but that doesn’t atone for your ignorance of the software development lifecycle. Go and learn.

    This is a tiny deal, but yet you’ll see lots of posts whining about it. Why? Trolls whine. It’s what they do. Stop crying wolf. No-one cares. Apple made a decision that this doesn’t affect most users and they’re right.

  3. there are major problems with airdisks not mounting correctly or not at all… with only one option… reset and reconfigure the basestation again and again…

    the airport express base station hard- and/or software is having the problem that’s still not solved…

    not leopard.

    for more info on this, go see the discussion forums at

    apple still hasn’t acknowledged the problem, although the phone support people know this problem very well and for a long time…

    i have this problem right here on my network – still not solved!

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