Technology Review: Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard is ‘visually stunning, fast and stable’

“Apple’s new Macintosh operating system ships tomorrow. Visually stunning, OS 10.5–a.k.a. Leopard–is fast and stable, and it features a consistent set of powerful file-management tools familiar to anyone who has ever used iTunes. And unlike Microsoft Windows, which seems to grind slower with each successive release, OS 10.5 feels faster than 10.4 on the same hardware–provided that you have sufficient memory,” Simson Garfinkel reports for Technology Review.

Garfinkel mainly covers Time Machine and Parental Controls and briefly covers “other clever features sprinkled throughout 10.5” in his full review here.


  1. Will Apple post instructions, no later than 6 p.m. Friday, on how to reinstall Tiger?

    And… will they release the number of hits on this site so we will know how serious the problems are after all us Leopard beta-testers get going?

    That way, others on the sideline will know if they need to wait for 10.5.1.

  2. It’s great to hear that leopard will be faster than tiger on similar hardware. I have a 1 ghz G4 I was thinking of upgrading with my other machines and thought, maybe not, too close to minimum specs, but after reading this review, maybe it will be run great.

  3. Boston. If I’m going to a “really nice restaurant” I’d expect to pay that much per person, if not more, depending on the wine choice. Of course you can get dinner for four for $129, but I disagreed with his choice of words.

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