New York Times’ Pogue reviews Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard: ‘Powerful and polished’

“Leopard maintains all the goodies of previous Mac OS X versions. To the amazement of many Windows refugees, Mac OS X requires no serial number and no ‘activation’; it’s not copy-protected. It doesn’t clutter the desktop with crippled bits of free-trial software from other companies. There are no nagging balloons or come-ons,” David Pogue reports for The New York Times.

“Leopard does well with backward compatibility, too. Thanks to modest minimum requirements (512 megabytes of memory, 867 megahertz), Apple says Leopard runs on three-year-old Macs and even high-end six-year-old machines,” Pogue reports.

“Leopard is powerful, polished and carefully conceived. Happy surprises, and very few disappointments, lie around every corner. This Leopard has more than 300 new spots — and most of them are bright ones,” Pogue reports.

Full review here.


  1. That is the greatest things about OSX and Macs. I have Tiger running on Imac G3’s that run just fine for most common tasks at our school. Try that with Windows – our school district won’t upgrade to Vista because of the problems and system requirements…so they continue to use a five year old OS on newer machines!

  2. Both Mossberg and Pogue are Apple-lovers. Not quite the shills we see in the Windows media, but they are willing to give Apple more than a fair share of breaks, to criticize the flaws in Windows, and – basically – tout Apple products. Hiawatha Bray is similarly enamored of Apple.
    And, why shouldn’t they be?!?
    However, when Pogue follows the Apple line of “300 new spots”, we need to draw back a bit. Mossberg said “Leopard is more evolutionary than revolutionary”, meaning that many of those “new spots” are merely improved versions of the same “spots” seen in Tiger. Calling them “new” is marketing hype. Which doesn’t mean they are not “better”, but “updated” would be a better term for most of them.
    I won’t be buying 10.5 on Friday. I’ll be at my son’s wedding rehearsal. It takes a lot to break my string of Jaguar, Panther and Tiger openings. Maybe Monday, maybe Tuesday … depends on what MacFixIt says. Nah … Monday. (Saturday is wedding, Sunday is recovery with Patriots football)
    It will be a sad day when Apple needs shills to spread the modest “good” news about their products … we’ll all think back to these heady days when people touted Apple products because they honestly thought they were “The Best”.

  3. Powerful and polished? Sounds like Vista to me.

    Apple trying to catch up to Microsoft would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic. 30 years and 3 percent market share. Whatever.

    BTW I like the serial number and activation procedures in Vista. It gives me a good feeling knowing the geniuses at Microsoft are close by, like a trusted longtime friend—which they have been for so many of us. Apple’s continued disdain for the customer is in clear view the way they just push you out the door after they take your money and don’t want to hear from you again. What a way to do business is that? Dorks.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  4. Zung Tang is a pretty good, even better that Sputnik. Actually, unlike Zune Tang, Sputnik just might have been serious.

    The funiest thing I’ve ever read from Zune was today-M$ as a longtime trusted friend. If there ever was a blackhole, with a screwed up POS O/S, M$ is it.

    Based on that comment alone, all I can say is-Zune you da man! (or gal)

  5. Modest system requirements?

    Remember a year ago when MS required 512MB of RAM and everyone lashed out at them saying “how dare they set the requirements so high? So many PCs are not going to be able to use the OS”…

    Yet when Apple says 512 MB RAM only a year later, everyone says how modest those requirements are.

    I’m really on the fence for upgrading. Kind of want it for Time Machine, Boot Camp (so I can run native versions of MS Office, run Sibelius natively without having to upgrade to the newest version). On the other hand, I would rather use that money towards buying the newest version of the Logic software…

  6. “Remember a year ago when MS required 512MB of RAM and everyone lashed out at them”

    remember a year ago when 512 was a lot of RAM?

    honestly, did that make sense?

    also, i never heard anyone complaining about the RAM needed to run Vista. i have heard complaints about the graphics needs, the drive space, the CPU needed, and the DRM, but never the RAM. i might have just not been paying attention though.

    i expect OS X to need a lot of RAM. it is a unix after all. but the other requirements are pretty small. i can live with that.

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