Google may bid with at least one partner on FCC’s 700MHz wireless spectrum auction

“Google Inc Chief Executive Eric Schmidt said Wednesday that the Internet giant could team up with at least one partner to bid in the U.S. government’s upcoming wireless spectrum auction,” Scott Morrison reports for Dow Jones Newswires.

“‘It’s perfectly possible that the best bidding strategy may be to bid with one or more partners,’ Schmidt told journalists following a gathering with financial analysts at the company’s Mountain View, Calif., headquarters. ‘We won’t make our decision until that last minute,'” Morrison reports.

“The U.S. Federal Communications Commission is slated in January to begin auctioning a swath of 700-megahertz spectrum, which is considered prime U.S. wireless real estate because the airwaves can travel long distances and penetrate thick walls,” Morrison reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Google CEO Eric Schmidt is a member of Apple Inc.’s Board of Directors.


  1. Good ol’ CNN, the Close to News Network, day late and dollar short.

    This is one of the worst kept secrets around gang.

    Let me re-post my comment from Cringley’s article last week –

    Comment from: BC Kelly
    I pointed this out recently in one of these comments, worth repeating –

    Are only about 1.25B folks out there with computers right now

    So the future market potential is 5.25B

    Got to think Big folks


    Steve and Eric – hook it up

    The Whole World is waiting


    MDN Magic Word – “ways”

    As in: Apple and Google now have the ways and means to make this happen.

    Good – let’s go Change The World

  2. The AT&T;-Apple contract is for 5 years, but is that for “any and all iPhones” or for “the first model iPhones”? If Apple comes out with an HD iPhone, would that require a new agreement or would it be covered? Will even the 32GB iPhones in the works be covered? How about a G3 iPhone?
    My point – the one NOT on my head – is that Apple is good at writing contracts that favor Apple … even if they also favor the other guy for a bit. Apple does not plan to be wed to AT&T;for longer than it suits them. There’s no way they can become dominant in the Smart-phone business while joined at the hip to AT&T;. The biggest player, perhaps, but not the dominant player – as they are dominant in the “MP3 Player” market.

  3. Been wondering why so many others have added a “;” after they type “AT&T;”. Now I see that it happens to me, too. MDN, I didn’t type the “;” after the name, and it isn’t their ticker symbol, what’s going on?

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