Jackie Mason ‘The Ultimate Jew’ releases stand-up recordings, iPhone ringtones on Apple iTunes Store

Comedian Jackie Mason is offering comedy routines for download in the Apple iTunes store. Through digital entertainment label Skilled Cat Enterprises, the first offering from the veteran comedian features over three hours of tracks from the four-CD set of his latest stand-up tour, “Jackie Mason: Freshly Squeezed.”

Recorded over two nights of performances prior to opening on Broadway, it’s “shtick like no other” about politics; past, present and possible future presidents; the war in Iraq; and more. Mason blends self-deprecating humility with “chutzpah” in dissecting the differences between Jewish and non-Jewish culture, addressing stereotypes of all kinds with his storytelling style peppered with punch lines throughout.

Each track will be available DRM-Free at $0.99 per track and $15.99 per album. Mason also recorded nine one-of-a-kind ringtones for the Apple iPhone that are available free with album purchase. There’s nothing quite like hearing Jackie Mason colorfully let you know your mother-in-law is calling. In his typical satirical tone, Mason said in the press release, “I’m thrilled that some of my best material will now be part of iTunes. Maybe now that I’m on it, Steve Jobs’ little company has a chance of being successful!”

Soon to make a guest appearance on NBC’s hit comedy “30 Rock,” Jackie Mason has been posting videos to YouTube.com, with his own comedy bits about pop culture, current events and the presidential race. With bi-weekly postings under the moniker “The Ultimate Jew,” Mason offers political satire and observations on the foibles of modern life.

In his most recent ‘vlog,’ viewable on both YouTube and iTunes, Mason announces his iTunes debut and offers his own commentary on the success of Apple:

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Will G” for the heads up.]

New York-raised Jackie Mason grew up in a family of rabbis, becoming a rabbi himself at age 25, later to leave his job in a synagogue to become a comedian because, as he says, “Somebody in the family had to make a living.” After years of touring comedy clubs, Mason made his mark in 1984 with the one-man show, “The World According to Me.” Leading to a number of other stand-up shows, Mason earned a Tony Award, Emmy Award, Grammy nomination and more. Currently hosting a nationally syndicated radio show on The Talk Radio Network, writing books with long-time collaborator Raoul Lionel Felder and updating his video blog on YouTube.com, Mason also is currently on tour in the U.S. and Canada.

More info: www.jackiemason.com


  1. This makes me sick, throwing one’s ethnic and religious makeup around like they are about something.

    Now you kow how pograms get started.

    And on the front page of a Mac oriented website too boot.

    We don’t care about this unbias slanted mentality troll crap.

  2. Greg M,

    As stated here, “MacDailyNews/iPodDailyNews never receives compensation for any article posted on the websites. We cover only products that interest us and products that our readers request be covered. We do, from time to time, request and receive products for review purposes. The receipt of such products does not guarantee a review will be conducted, much less a good review.”

    Thank you.

  3. Jackie Mason “earned a Tony Award, Emmy Award, Grammy nomination” and more.
    1). I’d say a lot of people care
    2). Call me when you have something that gets you either a Tony Award, Emmy Award, or Grammy nomination.
    In other words STFU.

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