Slew of analysts up price targets on Apple Inc.

Following Apple’s record earnings report yesterday, a slew of analysts have upped their price targets on Apple (AAPL):

The new price targets:
• Bank of America – $200
• Bear Stearns – $243 (from $199)
• Credit Suisse First Bank – $210 (from $185)
• Deutsche Bank – $225
• Goldman Sachs – $205 (from $190)
• Morgan Stanley – $195 (from $180)
• Soleil – $200
• ThinkEquity – $227
• UBS – $220 (from $182)

MacDailyNews Take: Who’d you rather party with, those not-so-wild-and-crazy guys from Morgan Stanley or the truly cutting edge maniacs at Bear Stearns?


  1. These analysts prove once again what behind the curve idiots they truly are. It’s easy as hell to raise a target AFTER the great quarterly numbers are released. I’d love to see any of these morons actually predict this stuff AHEAD of the numbers just once….

  2. You call the list above analysts? What a joke. Why don’t they understand what is crystal clear: Microsoft likes to keep their stock price affordable—like their computers. If their stock price was too high nobody would buy it, just like Apple’s products. MACs and iPods are overpriced and are therefore relegated to the lonely dark corners of market share figures. The same goes for their stock. I’ll rub shoulders with the big boys of market share: Dell and Microsoft. There’s safety in numbers.

    Nobody is going to buy a stock at $200 when they can get one for $30 like MSFT. Nobody is going to get a MAC MINI at $800 when they can get a Dell for $400. Morons.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  3. Let’s see…. a year ago we were at 80 bucks, and today let’s call it 180. So today it is 2.25 times what it was then. With the iPhone about to go global, and with all the surveys telling us that a LOT of people expect their next computer to be a Mac, then why won’t next year be like the past year?

    2.25 times $180 = $405. That’s my estimate.

  4. It is so funny that just prior to yesterday’s earnings report and guidance, that Enderle and Thurrott both re-qualified themselves as certified idiots with their anti Apple rants. Perhaps they will mercifully go into hiding for another few months before they again confirm to the world their crushing stupidity.

    Apple is forcing Wall Street to look at the company as it really is – a big winner on a juggernaut to industry supremacy. Some analysts are starting to get it. But even Bear Stearns $243 12 month target is too low.

    Those of us who put our big money where are mouths are – in AAPL – are being handsomely rewarded.

  5. All that matters is that Apple will be a $350 billion company sometime late in 2010/early in 2011 even without any accretive acquisitions or mergers.

    50 million iPhones a year generating line rental commission income for two years (100 million x $50/month x 10% = $6 billion/year!); 50 million iPods a year. 20 million Macintosh systems – it’s perfectly reasonable to predict Apple delivering annual profits of $15 billion.

  6. I bought Apple at $86 and then at $107 a few months ago.

    People are finally getting it that Apple is a strong company with good financial results.

    Dell, Microsoft, HP, and other alike…bite Apple!

    Keep buying Apple, I need to fatten my nestegg!!!!

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