CNET publishes Apple iPod+iTunes hit piece by CEO of also-ran digital content outfit

As with the Mac, “Apple is once again trying to create a totally controlled, self-contained environment–this time not for computers, but for music and entertainment. However, the market served with Apple’s iPod devices is far more digitally sophisticated than those early computer users. And today’s legions of tech-savvy music listeners are not likely to accept the company’s shackles for long,” Alan McGlade writes for CNET.

MacDailyNews Take: What shackles? Apple’s iTunes Store offers the world’s largest DRM-free music library. Apple’s iPod does not require use of the iTunes Music Store. The iTunes Music Store does not require use of an iPod. There is no lock-in; there are no shackles.

McGlade continues, “But even as consumers have purchased Apple’s devices in droves, they’ve come to realize that there’s more to digital music than what’s contained in the little white box. Other, arguably superior devices are now on the market; more are being introduced regularly. These players offer features that will become the sustaining elements of the digital entertainment revolution–they will be smart devices with IP connectivity and increased onboard storage.”

MacDailyNews Take: You mean like the iPod touch and the 160GB iPod classic, Davey? We won’t hold our breath waiting for someone other than Apple to eclipse the iPod touch.

McGlade continues, “The greatest objective for today’s music listeners–what they regard as their inalienable right–is absolute portability: music that can be accessed anywhere, at anytime. Today’s consumers want their music immediately available at home, in their car, at work, on their phones, at a party, or while working out at the gym, without the hassle of using multiple devices that are each tethered to different services.”

MacDailyNews Take: Again, Apple’s iTunes Store offers the world’s largest DRM-free music library. Apple’s iPod does not require use of the iTunes Music Store. The iTunes Music Store does not require use of an iPod. There is no lock-in; there are no tethers.

McGlade continues, “In such an open-source world of unfettered digital entertainment, the device is a means, not an end, to set listeners free. Why then, in the long term, would anyone accept the limitations of the proprietary lockout of the iPod and iTunes?”

MacDailyNews Take: Uh, Alan, because there is no “proprietary lockout” with iPod and iTunes.

Full article, Think Before You Click™, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Spark” for the heads up.]

You might be asking, as did we initially, “Why is Alan so dense?” Well, he’s not. As CNET indicates below this load of garbage, without explanation, Alan McGlade is president and CEO of MediaNet Digital. MediaNet Digital just so happens to sell content and technologies used to create music and video download and subscription services. MediaNet Digital’s partners list reads like a Who’s Who of Apple iTunes Store also-rans, including MTV Urge, the now-defunct Virgin Digital (you might want to update your partners list, Alan), and a bunch of other no-names. Business not going so well, Alan?

So, McGlade has a big fat agenda and CNET has no problem publishing it. Color us unsurprised on both counts.


  1. Buckle up kids! The anti Apple FUD machine is about to go hyperactive and make a Stalin era Soviet show trial look “fair and balanced.”

    But the unintentional humor will be priceless. There is nothing more dangerous than a wounded animal and nothing funnier than a cornered tech writer. Someone better take all the sharp objects away from the 3 Stoogies, aka Paul, Rob and John.

  2. The more I read crap like this, the happier I am that Apple is run by a brilliant, creative, non-compromising hardass like Steve Jobs. The more articles like this published, the better the indication that Jobs and the entire crew at Apple are doing what they are supposed to be doing: Selling great, innvoative products that scare the sh*t out of their competitors.

    I also love when writers refer to Apple as monopolistic, without considering the long, big-brother, strongarming, illegal, corrupt culture and history of Microsoft. Of all the technology bigwigs in the world, Steve Jobs is about the only one to tell Bill Gates and Microsoft to screw themselves, and he did it when Microsoft was a behemoth and before Apple was worth even one billion dollars. As rich as Jobs is, he is technology’s Robin Hood. Apple, the entire world of computing, and the public owe a lot to him.

    It’s idiots like these guys at CNet who have become “institutionalized” by the public ignorance Microsoft so heavily promotes and depends on. Ever see the footage of Bill Gates trying to explain to a newscaster that features in Vista were not ripped off from Apple?

  3. I’m not going to give the article a hit.

    So, my question is, did he promote any product or service, or did he simply anti-promote iPod+iTunes+iTS?

    If he didn’t bring a product or service to the table, then the article is pure FUD based on his own fears in his segment of industry.

  4. sometimes MDN is worth the price of admission. this is one such example.

    i often come across these kinds of articles and groan at the rhetoric and the flat-out falsehoods, knowing that lots of people will read it and then argue with me about the merits of the iTMS and the iPod. MDN actually officially calls shenanigans on this kind of rubbish, and i’m glad they/SteveJack do/does.

  5. When I read this article last night (this morning?) I couldn’t believe the number outright lies the guy was spouting. The sad thing is that there are plenty of gullible people out there with no Apple experience willing to gobble up this crap.

  6. I just got myself an iPod touch, and it does more things than I have time for. Video, photos, music and the internet – I’m in awe each time I use the device (as are others who happen to be in my vicinity).

    In fact, I’m surprised at the number of people who still DON’T KNOW all about cutting-edge Apple technology – they look at me as though I’m some kind of a rocket scientist.

    No bull – there is actually one individual who has started asking me complex technological questions about all sorts of IT-related stuff since he saw me and my iPod touch!

    Now, unless Alan can conjure up a device which creates a real belly-dancing chick of my dreams with just the press of a button, I don’t know how else this “expert” on people’s tastes can top the iPod.

  7. I love that he thinks that people went to windows in the beginning was because Macintosh was a closed system – It wasn’t that is was that PC’s were cheaper initially so many people could afford them. He really can’t get any facts straight – also his argument that Apple will fade again is bogus as well as Apple is still innovating not standing still as the once did, the only reason other players and systems are getting functionality and DRM free is all because of Apple..

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