’s Top 49 Men of 2007: Apple CEO Steve Jobs #7, Jonathan Ive #33

After a one-month period that saw more than one million votes cast,’s Top 49 Men of 2007 have been chosen, and the list is now revealed. “We’ve spent the past few weeks sifting through your votes and assembling the rankings of the guys that you’ve deemed to be the best representatives of our gender – this year’s manliest men,” says

At #7 on the list, Apple CEO Steve Jobs ranks above the likes of Simon Cowell (#38), Apple’s own Jonathan Ive (#33), Kanye West (#28), Tiger Woods (#26), Stephen Colbert (#24), Richard Branson (#21), Sacha Baron Cohen (#18), Steve Carell (#13), Brad Pitt (#11), and George Clooney (#8).

Steve Jobs – #7: This year proved to be another landmark year for Apple Inc.’s CEO and cofounder, Steve Jobs. He launched the video-streaming device known as Apple TV in January, the immensely successful iPhone in June, and new generations of iPods (including the updated iPod nano and the iPod touch) in September.

2007 Resume
• Debunked rumors of the decline in music sales over the internet, as song sales at the iTunes Music store surpassed the 2 billion mark.
• Made Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People In The World list.
• Met publicly with Bill Gates for the first time in over 20 years at the Wall Street Journal’s D: All Things Digital conference in May.
• Became the subject of a play about his and Bill Gates’ early years when Nerds://A Musical Software Satire premiered in Philadelphia.
• Had his gadgets spoofed on both Saturday Night Live and MAD TV.
• Was involved in an undertaking to get Al Gore, a member of Apple Inc.’s Board of Directors, to run for President in 2008.
• Inducted into the California Hall of Fame in Sacramento.
• Achieved success with the iPhone as it reached the 1 million sales mark only 74 days after its release.
• Helped Apple earn a reported 73% increase in its fiscal third-quarter earnings.

Jonathan Ive – #33: Acknowledged as the head designer of the team that brought us the iMac and the iPod, Jonathan Ive, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Industrial Design, continued to lead in the field of industrial design when his latest technological innovation, the much ballyhooed Apple iPhone, was made available in the U.S. on June 29th.

2007 Resume
• Celebrated his 15th year with Apple Inc.
• Celebrated his 10th year as the corporation’s Senior Vice President of Industrial Design.
• Earned a Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award in July for the development of the iPhone.
• Had his biography, Jonathan Ive: Designer of the iPod, by Kris Hirschmann released through Kidhaven Press.
• Was featured in an article published in The Observer entitled “The 50 Men Who Really Understand Women.”
• Was included in the 2007 edition of “Who’s Who,” Britain’s biographical record of “the great and good.”
• Celebrated the global sale of iPods surpassing the 100 million mark.
• Introduced the updated iPod nano, which allows the playing of video as well as music.
• Unveiled the iPod touch, which includes a touch-screen interface.

Who’s #1? David Beckham. Full list here.


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  2. “You are aware companies pay to get their products placed in these shows, right?”

    Quite aware. It’s still cool to see them in movies and on TV.
    And if they don’t pay up a crappy sticker or a glowing pear is placed over the Apple logo. That’s business.

  3. Men judge men all the time, in very non-sexual ways. Do you watch football, baseball, basketball, NASCAR? Are you a fan of any movie star such at (early) Marlon Brando, DeNiro, John Wayne, Sanatra? Have you ever refered to another man as a “bad ass”? To judge another man in this way isn’t to find them sexual attractive it’s a comment on what they represent and what other men aspire to: being a man’s man, a lady killer, a made man, their aesthetic, etc . . . . Most importantly, it’s about men who are comfortable with themselves.

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    Hey rappers! Learn to smile. I’m tired of seeing scowling black men on the cover of magazines trying to look like a badass. And it’s a wonder that NWA persona lives one. Complain to society when that attitude is out of style.

  5. And you aspire to be an ass. Or are you upset because no one, man or woman, find you attractive both as a person or sexually? Or that you’ll never achive in your life what many on that list have.

    BTW, the term “metrosexual” was coined to discribe other straight men who happen to take care of their outward appearance, have some sense of style, are secure with themselves/their masculinity, live in urban settings, have disposable income, and are vastly heterosexual; it’s a demographic generalization.

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