Microsoft throws in the towel in nine-year fight with EU regulators

“Microsoft Corp.’s decision to throw in the towel on its nine-year fight with European regulators could signal tougher regulation ahead for big, global technology companies operating in Europe,” Charles Forelle reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“The U.S. software giant said Monday it would not appeal a decisive ruling by a top European Union court last month, which backed sweeping powers for EU antitrust regulators to tackle abuse of monopoly position by technology companies. Microsoft’s decision not to appeal leaves that ruling as settled law,” Forelle reports.

“For Microsoft, the defeat means the software giant will need to tread carefully in Europe when it bundles products or features into its core operating system. It will also need to welcome competitors with fairly open arms if they come calling for ways to make their software work better with Windows,” Forelle reports.

“Under a deal reached after negotiations over a recent dinner between EU antitrust czar Neelie Kroes, and Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer, Microsoft agreed to slash the cost it was charging to license the so-called “interoperability information” needed to make software work well with Windows. The EU in return stopped the clock on record fines against Microsoft, which were accruing at €3 million per day,” Forelle reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lurker_PC” for the heads up.]


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