Mac OS X Leopard’s new Safari 3.0

“Apple has made significant changes to Safari in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, introducing integration with Dashboard, smart drag and drop of tabbed windows, full text searching of your web history, and more,” Prince McLean reports for AppleInsider.

McLean covers:
• Safari’s Origins
• Inspired by HyperCard
• Weaving the Web
• Viola: HyperCard for X Window
• NCSA Mosaic
• Netscape Navigator
• Microsoft Discovers the Internet
• Netscape Crashes
• Apple’s CyberDog
• Netscape’s Mozilla Burns to the Ground
• Firefox Rises from the Ashes of Netscape
• Mozilla Pattered After Apache
• Apple Launches Safari
• Safari 3.0 on Leopard

McLean takes a look at the birth and maturity of the online web browser, as well as a look at what’s new in Safari 3.0, in the full article here.


  1. Dextroamphetamine:

    If we’re suddenly discussing orchestral instruments in the string section, I much prefer the cello to the viola.

    I’m looking forward to the real Safari 3. I tried the beta and while there were some nice features, it crashed like a demon and stripped all the little browser address icons form my bookmarks!

    I hope that doesn’t happen again!

  2. ” . . . I much prefer the cello to the viola.”

    And so much more soulful than the ukelele. My favorite orchestral instrument is timpani. It grabs your attention and lets you know something very important is imminent. I like to hear a good timpani roll when I’m getting out of the shower.

  3. Anyone know how to turn off the tab bar for only one window. When a web page opens a new window in safari, the new window shows the tab bar by default (even though there is only one page open). I can turn it off every time it happens, but certainly there is an option somewhere that I’m missing to make it default to off. Of course there is the off chance that it’s a bug in 3.0.3, but I’m probably just not seeing the option right in front of me. Thanks.

  4. Hey m,

    How the hell can you say that that slow clunky Firefox is better? For me Safari just works with no effort and it is really fast especially version 3.0.3 – It is amazing the people that went to Firefox originally (when the first Safari wouldn’t work with some websites) They think that Firefox is better without ever giving Safari another try..

  5. There is supposed to be a new content restriction feature in Safari 3.0.

    I hope it applies to sites that contain illegal material, this way I can surf for the legal stuff without getting surprised or trick linked.

    There is only a few companies that provide Mac OS X specific content filtering of illegal material/sites. They are very SLOW or not updated enough to be worth a dam, too security prone and evasive or cost too much or simply covers too broad of a area.

    Some sort of “one click IP ban this site” would be nice.

    People can even then share banned sites text files, self policing themselves. Keeping up with the assholes who want to promote nasty crap and ruin lives.

    Right now one can install a hosts file to avoid the internet nasties, ad farms etc. The hosts file to add banned sites too is sudo pico /etc/hosts. (sudo for super user do, pico to use the pico terminal editor) Google for hosts file to get a pre-banned list and to learn how to enter your own.

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