Apple offers select iTunes Plus DRM-free songs for 99-cents

MacDailyNews reader “L.G.” writes, “Take a quick gander at Flight of the Conchords and The Perishers on Apple’s iTunes Store.”

We did and found the same thing L.G. found: select iTunes Plus tracks for 99-cents vs. the usual $1.29 per track.

L.G. writes, “Could this mean that price changes are coming across the board? Perhaps they are making the transition quietly so as to not take away from $1.29 plus sales in the meantime.”

MacDailyNews Note: We’ve sent an inquiry to Apple and will update with new information if and when it becomes available.

[UPDATE: 10/16, 3:28pm EDT: CNET confirms the iTunes Plus price drop here. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “NeverFade” for the heads up.]


  1. I think Apple is charging $1.29 because of an agreement with EMI to offer DRM-free tracks. Apple led with DRM-free tracks to jump start the trend. Amazon followed with $0.99 tracks, so Apple is now justified in asking for the same deal from record labels. Apple will always sell at the lowest possible price, because iTunes Store is a means of selling more iPods, where the real profit is made.

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