Hacked Apple iPod touch now running Mail, Google Maps, and more

“We’re not looking at general availability yet, but those happy hacking cats unravelling the iPod touch have decrypted the ramdisk and are now busy installing applications,” Thomas Ricker reports for Engadget.

“Already, Mail, Maps, and other 3rd party apps are up and running on their jailbreaked touches,” Ricker reports.

“The race is on between the cat and the mouse to see who will release their wares first,” Ricker reports.

Full article, with screenshots and links, here.


  1. I think Apple should make al WiFi-able apps available on the iPod Touch.

    I was very dissapionted not to see them on the iPod Touch, especialy Mail, but a chat client would be nice as well.

    That would kill those hacks

  2. These guys are providing what Apple refused to provide. I was very interested in the iPod Touch until I found that Apple had crippled it. Where is Mail? Where is iChat? Make it a portable computing device Apple.

  3. I’m fine with the app development, but buyers need to go into the transaction with the knowledge that Apple is selling the iPod touch and iPhones as an appliance. It is sold with a set of supported capabilities. If you are dissatisfied with those capabilities, don’t buy the product. There should be no expectations that future updates won’t break the new apps, and no whining allowed if they do.

  4. if the iPods would be doing all that, who would buy the new Newton then?

    As an add on to what was said above, don’t buy the iPod and hack it now. Wait for the new Newton.

    And nope, just because it can, it does not mean the iPod has been crippled. Apple is a business as well, not a charity. The iPod touch is not meant to be a PDA.
    There is place for that later and in any case Steve hates gizmos that do everything. iPod touch with phone capabilities next in line for anyone?

  5. Cool! The iPhone/iTouch is a rare and textbook case of Apple telling the customer what they want rather than giving the customer what they want. This will continue so long as either device is artificially crippled…

  6. I’m inclined to agree with Linux Guy. Apple shareholders should be very pleased if upgrading to 10.5 ends up being the key to adding expanded functionality to the iPod touch and iPhone. The devices are already acknowledged as being desirable for users of both Mac and Windows, giving the Mac side a preferential boost need not detract from the appeal to those running Windows but could help give even more reasons to add a Mac for those who have yet to see the light.

  7. Daner and Linux Guy:

    Agree wholeheartedly that Leopard will open up new doors for Apple regarding third party apps on iPhone/iPod Touch. Also, think about the free publicity Apple will get for both the iPhone/iPod Touch AND Leopard when it announces new features, all made possible because of the innovations in Leopard.

    For example, I recall reading a few months ago that one of the items being revamped in Leopard was voice recognition/control. Notice the iPhone has no voice dialing. Now with Leopard voice dialing can be added to the iPhone.

    And just in time for Christmas.

  8. Amen and bravo to this effort!

    Apple is sitting on the best pda platform ever made. They realize it but won’t act on it.

    I know, I know, it’s a iPod, not a pda! Well, forget that. It has incredible potential capabilities that the hackers will bring out. This only makes me want one now. This means more sales, not less.

    Good job! I say.

  9. Apple telling the customer what they want – no, that’s incorrect.

    Apple says, we have this new (insert product name here), we have been working on it for ages, it does x, y and z and we think it’s great, we hope you do to.

    Most times people agree with Apple, verified because people go out and buy (insert product name here).

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