Forget PowerPoint, enliven your presentations with Apple’s Keynote

“Les Posen, president of iMUG, the Melbourne Macintosh User Group, has been invited to Macworld 2008 to run a series of workshops on Keynote, the presentation software that is part of Apple’s iLife [sic] suite of applications,” Garry Barker reports for The Age.

MacDailyNews Note: Keynote is part of Apple’s iWork, not iLife.

“‘It will be about the psychology and the neuroscience behind presentations, using Keynote’s magic to unlock a lot about how we learn and how to make your message stick. It’s a matter of less is more,’ he said,” Barker reports. “‘I also hope it will open a number of doors for my, I believe, unique take on Keynote.'”

Barker reports, “Mr. Posen is a serious opponent of what he calls the numbing of otherwise usable minds caused when people, frequently corporate types, use the same templates, charts and tired transitions of PowerPoint. It is really lack of presenter imagination exacerbated by the dull but easy-to-use templates and charts in PowerPoint.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “John Q.” for the heads up.]


  1. “Vista 2X Super Ultra Turbo-Ultimate”. SUTU (as I call it). . .”

    I thought it was called Vista 2X Super Turbo Freakin’ Ultimate”.

    Or STFU as it should be known. Instead of error messages, the desktop gets soaked in flop sweat.

  2. I use Keynote to give lectures to residents and medical students. I ALWAYS get a few people with the usual, “how in the world did you do that in PowerPoint?” Once I explain what Keynote is and tell them that it is only one of 3 programs in suite for only $79, they know Mafia$oft has been bending them over a barrel for all these years.

    Vaseline not included!

  3. Dave L, I forgive you for appropriating part of my name.
    You are absolutely right. Certain apps, like iTunes, should be ported to the Windows platform. Others, like Keynote, only need to have a “player” ported to that platform. And, once you have the player built, you could port it over to Linux and … Mac! A Keynote Reader, similar to the Acrobat Reader. Why port back to the Mac? So you can build your presentation on a PowerMac at the office and present it from your MacBook while on tour.

  4. @ steveballmer LMAO hilarious, im gonna buy SUTU immediately when it comes out, probably a couple years too late as usual but i can wait for it to get behind apple, were used to it.

    yeah ive been trying to start using keynote on a regular basis ever since i got my mac a year ago, i try not to use power point as much as i can for speeches and some presentations. keynote is better and powerpoint is clearly old and outmatched =/ stupid redmond.

  5. My partner is working on a very important presentation right now, and I’ve been begging him to let me do it in Keynote rather than PowerPoint. He’d need a MacBook, though, since his laptop is a Dell. But, I do have him convinced that his next computer will be a Mac, it’s just he doesn’t want to spend the money yet.

    At any rate, I’ve been telling him that “less is more” when it comes to presentations, and to not even think about using bullet lists. Especially since I’ll be there for the presentation. He doesn’t want me to “accidentally” unplug the projector mid-presentation.

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