Forget PowerPoint, enliven your presentations with Apple’s Keynote

“Les Posen, president of iMUG, the Melbourne Macintosh User Group, has been invited to Macworld 2008 to run a series of workshops on Keynote, the presentation software that is part of Apple’s iLife [sic] suite of applications,” Garry Barker reports for The Age.

MacDailyNews Note: Keynote is part of Apple’s iWork, not iLife.

“‘It will be about the psychology and the neuroscience behind presentations, using Keynote’s magic to unlock a lot about how we learn and how to make your message stick. It’s a matter of less is more,’ he said,” Barker reports. “‘I also hope it will open a number of doors for my, I believe, unique take on Keynote.'”

Barker reports, “Mr. Posen is a serious opponent of what he calls the numbing of otherwise usable minds caused when people, frequently corporate types, use the same templates, charts and tired transitions of PowerPoint. It is really lack of presenter imagination exacerbated by the dull but easy-to-use templates and charts in PowerPoint.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “John Q.” for the heads up.]


  1. One of my lecturers at uni uses a MacBook Pro but does all his lectures on powerpoint…….I should tell him about iWork

    eugh…he uses internet explorer too, I didn’t know you could still get that for macs

  2. I use Keynote every other day at work. Great product. Also, not sure if it’s the Core Audio and Core Video, but Video in Keynote on a mac is WAY better than Video in Powerpoint on a mac. There’s just no comparison.

  3. Shawn… if you are running 10.4 and Safari try this: Edit > Spelling > Check Spelling as You Type, or highlight the word in question, and right/(ctrl) click it and the system will guess what you’re trying to spell correctly. I noticed with your word, I had to actually hit ‘more’ and it opened Dictionary were it properly guessed your word. Often the suggested word shows up in the drop down menu, and you can quickly choose the correct spelling, slick and easy, usually.


  4. The answer to iLife/iWork Whatever!

    New Vista Version Coming!
    I told the marketing folk long ago that Vista needed to have five versions not four! But, being the easy-going, no-waves guy I am I let it slide, I let the “experts” have their way.
    Anemic, sluggish, weak, poohpooh sales!
    I will no longer sit by and let this continue! Per my executive order 31148V.101 we will add to the Vista line-up – “Vista 2X Super Ultra Turbo-Ultimate”. SUTU (as I call it) will include 33% of all of the modern architecture features that we originally promised for Longhorn 3 years ago but dropped from the final version.

    “Vista 2X Super Ultra Turbo-Ultimate” SUTU includes:

    Dynamic Core Desktop Acceleration – DCDA
    LiveTime Animotron Technology – LtAM
    Windows Interscope Code Manager – WICM
    The zLife Suite of applications:
    StudioBand – Record up to 4 tracks of music.
    zPicture – Your JPG photo manager
    zWeb – Create Beautiful text webpages
    zMelodies – A new skin for Mediaplayer making it a zApp
    zFilm – Video editing for any WMV file

    All of this Tech-goodness for just $699!
    ….. and it comes in a RED box.

  5. I created a great keynote for work on my home PC but had to export it to PP because they did not have a mac at work to run it. It was not as great in PP. I would love for Apple to create a Keynote Viewer app to show the presentation on PCs. It might even cause a few business clients to switch.

  6. It is really lack of presenter imagination exacerbated by the dull but easy-to-use templates and charts in PowerPoint.”

    My experience is PowerPoint drones use TOO MUCH imagination: they’re so proud of all their stupid little special effects that they lose their own content.

    Then again, the complete bores who just read off the dreaded bullet-point lists aren’t much better.

  7. New Vista Version Coming!

    What’s with the water in Seattle?

    If anyone missed it, Boeing just announced another six-month delay of their heavily-promised 787 “Dreamliner”, a plane that hasn’t even FLOWN yet!

    MS was bad enough to start hawking deadcow/Vista when it was barely whiteboarded. Boeing, OTOH, started taking billions of dollars worth of orders!!

    Is there some kind of “Rainier Effect” in the northwest? Or do the same cuberts just keep hopping between the two companies?

    Enquiring minds wanna know… so this poison stays out of Apple!

  8. Dave L:

    I have exported my animated Keynote presentations to QuickTime (increased resolution to 1280×800) and played it even on old WinTel PCs using QuickTime. Not perfect for all solutions, but it show all of the cool animations properly.

  9. I’ve wondered about doing that, especially when I can’t plug into a projector in my classroom–but is there an easy way to control the movement of the slides short of hitting pause or rewinding to go back? I mean, is it easier to just export to PPT for presentations, or is the QuickTime feature a better solution?

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