Report: Apple soon to launch official iPhone Web apps directory

“Apple as early as Wednesday is expected to launch as part of its website a directory of official Web 2.0-based iPhone applications,” AppleInsider reports.

“One developer familiar with the matter, who asked to remain anonymous, said Apple representatives have been tracking down authors of Web-based iPhone apps and asking them to submit official screenshots, icons, web addresses and descriptions of their applications to the company,” AppleInsider reports.

“The submission processes is said to be very similar to that required of developers who submit their Dashboard widgets to Apple’s official Dashboard downloads directory. In an effort to keep the initiative hush-hush, Apple has also reportedly ‘sworn’ these developers ‘to secrecy,'” AppleInsider reports.

More in the full article here.


  1. Macaday –

    Wha? This doesn’t address a single one of the major iPhone criticisms. In fact, (if true) it prominently displays one of them on the Apple website. That’s not better. That’s worse.

    Raise your hand if you own an iPhone and have once though, “Gee, I wish there were some easier way for me to find more of these glorious iPhone-optimized websites.”

    Boooooo Apple. Stop putting poop on toast and calling it a sandwich. (I think MDN said that about someone once… it stuck.)

  2. The iPhone is a Fully Internet enabled Cell Phone not a smart phone. Think people, you really want Apple to allow 3rd Party apps that will suck up your 8GB of storage, like Paris sucks up media hype? I’ve looked at some of the third party Apps some are very cool looking but all of them (that I’ve looked at) are bloated and none of them are optimized to run on the iPhone, most of them are flaky and cause the iPhone to crash randomly. Took me 6 hours to de-tangle and get rid of one that a friend was talked into installing on his iPhone, after I got rid of all it’s code fragments, I basically had to re-flash the phone and restore it to default to get it cleaned up and working correctly, had to reactivate it, I installed the 1.1.1 update afterward and told him if anyone recommended installing any iPhone software in the future to laugh at them and tell them to get stuffed.

    MDN Word lot = Like current native 3rd party iPhone apps suck a LOT!

  3. Patience o’ ye of little girlfriendage. Stop hacking your macs and whacking your packs and have a little patience.

    It’s like that tree in the forest…
    If 10 geeks complain about an iPhone on a podcast–who hears it?

    I’ll tell you who..the media and other geeks. The rest of us are loving our iPhones and have FAITH that Apple won’t let us down.
    And if they do–then there’s that whole girlfriend thing to distract me.

  4. @ Demon
    You’re right! 90% of the iPhone users aren’t geeks…
    For them, it’s just a cool phone.
    Now just imagine the sea of “intentionally bad applications” to destroy the iPhone experience.
    Apple won’t allow, forget it!
    There are people who are against Apple on this, but love web apps… Google for example.
    I simple don’t understand.

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