Yared: Apple Inc. to surpass IBM market cap before end of Q1 08; $225 price target on AAPL

“Apple Inc (AAPL) has had an incredible run throughout 2007,” Georges Yared writes for BloggingStocks.

“The shares closed Friday at a new 52 week high of $161.45 and the company will announce its September 30th fiscal 4th quarter results on October 22nd,” Yared writes.

“Fiscal year September 30, 2008 consensus calls for revenues of $29.7 billion and earnings per share at $4.48. I believe both numbers are going higher as Apple is in the midst of a major product upgrade cycle with the iPod and the Mac, and of course, the iPhone is just getting started,” Yared writes.

“My price target is $200 and I am prepared to move it to $225,” Yared writes. “I wrote a few months back that Apple will surpass IBM (IBM)in market valuation. Currently Apple is at a market capitalization of $140 billion and IBM is at $158 billion. Apple will surpass IBM before the first quarter of 2008 is in the books, if not sooner.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s market value currently stands at $142.46 billion, $17.48 billion less than IBM’s $159.94 billion.


  1. Why Apple will keep pummeling forward:

    – Zune won’t make a dent (only steal share away from it’s “parnters”)
    – Amazon.com music sales will do little to sway current users of iTunes – which is most everyone.
    – iPhone will keep gaining momentum (SDK forthcoming)
    – Mac sales (will continue at a 30%+ YoY growth rate)
    – AppleTV will soon get a boost with HD content and another major studio onboard.

  2. “Who would have thought in the early 80’s that Apple would become bigger than IBM? Amazing.”

    Who would have though as recently as 2000 that Apple would still even be in existence. This will go down in the annals of business as one of the biggest comeback stories of all time.

  3. Is it time to take bets on when Apple will buy IBM?
    Why would Apple buy IBM? No good reason other than it will be interesting turn of events in the history of computers.

  4. Here’s to Apple’s success.

    Let’s hope that she doesn’t forget the foundation upon which that success was built, i.e. delivering great products that enhanced the productivity of people, not chained up, locked up, purposefully dumbed down products that kept people from doing what they needed to do.

    “..Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations…”
    – Steve Jobs

  5. I’d be glad if Apple – surpassing IBM in market-capitalization or not – would abstain from gobbling up as much staff as IBM.
    Just for kicks, compare IBMs 366k employees with AAPLs measily 17k-something employes.
    There’s a reason Apple has been very slow on taking up employees.
    MSFT has 79k. Still almost five times as much.
    I think MSFT has six or so management-layers between a simple employee and SteveB. I don’t know about IBM, but I doubt they are much leaner…

  6. Apple is doing great, but it is a little unfair to compare the number of Apple employees with the number of IBM employees. IBM is now mainly a service company, while Apple is a product company; service obviously requires a lot more staff.

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