RUMOR: HD content coming to Apple iTunes Store, Apple TV soon

According to CrunchGear’s Doug Aamoth, “a pretty substantial update [is coming] to iTunes sometime this month… iTunes HD.”

“Apple has apparently placed a gargantuan order for more AppleTV units in anticipation,” Aamoth reports.

“You’ll soon be able to purchase a selection of high-definition movies and television shows that’ll work on AppleTV,” Aamoth reports.

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  1. I hope they also move towards a subscription based service for tv shows and movies kinda like Netflix. They also need to improve their selection of movies too. When I go through their movie site its nothing but R rated trash after trash.

  2. This would be awesome since it will mean I don’t have to shell out $500 for a soon-to-be-worthless-brick BluRay or HD-DVD player.

    Now, so long as you can BUY the HD movies as well as rent…

    and they need to have the upcoming Blade Runner release.

  3. I’m hoping Battlestar Galactica episodes will be offered in HD. It’s filmed in HD but, incomprehensibly, Sci-Fi Channel STILL won’t switch to HD.

    Maybe they’re not making enough money on their s***ty “mutant monster of the week” B-movies.

  4. @Nerd
    BBC America are switching to HD next Jan. I think this means the cable / satellite companies have opened the door for the switch. Almost all of SciFi new programing is in HD. Same can be said for a lot of other channels too. It’s the distributors that have been lagging either because of lack of bandwidth or need to upgrade their systems.

    Finally I may be able to get the most out of my 2 year old HDTV. That experience is one of the reasons why I am waiting to buy into Apple TV or BluRay / HDDVD.

  5. @Moo

    Apparently a price drop on the Sony PS3 is “imminent.” It’s a great deal even if you’re not a gamer and buy it just for the Blu-Ray drive.

    Sony says 40GB PS3 announcement ‘imminent’
    by Blake Snow | 10/04/2007 | 9:38:39 AM PST

    While avoiding specifics, a Sony spokesman reputedly told the AFP that an announcement regarding the rumored $399 PS3 will occur at any moment.

    The statement comes after French newspaper Les Echos (a subsidiary of the Financial Times) reported on Thursday that Sony will introduce the unconfirmed 40GB PS3 at a $399 price point in order to boost holiday sales.

    Consistent with similar reports, Les Echos says the 80GB Motorstorm bundle will drop by 100 euros ($100 in the U.S.).

    “A Sony spokesman would not confirm the figures cited by Les Echos but said an announcement was ‘imminent,'” the AFP said.

  6. ^^^^^^

    Oh yeah, Amazon is also offering 5 free Blu-Ray movies with the purchase of a PS3.

    If this price drop happens, essentially for $399 you will get:

    PS3 w/ 40 gig hard drive and built in Wifi and Blutetooth.
    Blu-ray drive with full 1080p support.
    A gaming console w/ bluetooth remote
    5 free Blu-Ray movies. ($150 value.)

    It’s looking mighty tempting even though I’m not a gamer.

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