RUMOR: Apple to turn Mac mini into Mac nano in late October

Information provided to Mac OS Rumors by one of their “oldest and most reliable sources in Cupertino” says that Apple’s “Mac mini is dead… Long live the Mac nano!”

“The exact naming and marketing details are not as firm in our sources’ estimation, since he’s not an Apple Marketroid(TM)….but the new Mini will be as small in the horizontal as an internal optical drive will allow, and a little over 2/3 the height. Overall volume will be shrunk almost 25%, weight by about 20% and an all-new enclosure will be strikingly different from the design that has been the Mini’s defining feature since its introduction,” Mac OS RUmors reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: This is a rumor, from a source that has seen more than a bit of its mojo slip in recent years, so – while this rumor is spreading today – we recommend taking it with more than a single grain of salt.


  1. Sounds great, if true, especially the pricing. But. Let me be the first to say: we need a mid-Mac! Headless, expandable (different video card mainly) Mac, but with Core processor tech rather than Xeon, dual-core or quad-core, distinctly different from the Mac Pro or iMac! Really Apple, you would sell tons and tons of them. I’d be first in line.

  2. Why make it any smaller? What’s the point? It’s hardly huge, they be far better beefing it up or giving some more options.Once you plug everything in and get a hub and maybe an external drive it doesn’t really matter how big the mini/nano is – especially if it has big powerbrick.

  3. Apple should just merge the Mac mini with the TV and be done with it.

    A device like that would have to include a much better video card for driving a Full-HDTV. The current mini is pretty wimpy in the video department.

  4. With all due respect to Apple, who cares about making the Mac mini smaller? Where’s the demand for this product? NO ONE really wants this. Make the Mac mini bigger, I say, and put a real hard drive in it, and allow a tad bit of expansion, and they will sell like hot cakes. Apple, don’t jump the shark here. This sounds like one of those products best left unreleased. Think about it. And then, think different.

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