Deal for Apple’s iPhone with Orange in France may be delayed due to French law

“France Telecom’s Orange brand is contemplating the prospect of not being able to launch Apple’s iPhone in France in time for Christmas,” MarketWatch reports.

“The difficulties [in reaching a deal] stem from a French law that would require the iPhone to be sold both with and without contracts, undermining its exclusivity for Orange and Apple’s demand of up to 30% of voice and data revenues,” MarketWatch reports.

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  1. Tell me if I’m missing something on this because I’m confused. After all the bitching about the iPhone being locked, you have a country saying no to locking and now there’s bitching about unlocking?

  2. That’s one French law I happen to agree with. From what I understand, mobile phones are typically not subsidized in Europe like they are here in the US, so there’s no reason to require lengthy contracts. That’s the trade-off we make here- we get phones for low prices, but we sign years-long contracts with the providers.
    Makes me wonder if the iPhone is being subsidized at all. If it’s not, that’s another reason to hold off- the only benefit to signing a lengthy contract is to the service provider. The consumer doesn’t benefit if there’s no discount on the hardware.

    I’ll wait until the iPhone allows 3rd party apps and is available on sevice providers other than AT&T;. The “cool” factor of the iPhone isn’t worth the price to me, especially since I’d lose some capabilities I have on my current phone. And the iPod side of the iPhone doesn’t impress me- 8GB just isn’t enough space. I’m currently using about 40gb on my 5th gen iPod, and I sure don’t see an iPhone replacing it.

  3. @shive105

    Not sure what you mean by Europe, but here in the UK, mobiles are heavily subsidized. I’ve yet to pay for a phone in the 3+ years I’ve been here (new phone each year, presently a recent razr). Add to that the 12 months free (400 minutes / month) contract, and I’ve not paid a cent. I’d consider that subsidized, no?

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