Huge Apple logo formed out of rocks in river at University of Hartford (with photo)

&MacDailyNews reader Alex Goldman tells us: “At the University of Hartford, we have a tradition where club members and other students spell out or form rocks into words or shapes that can be seen from the bridge [over the Hog River] that connects the Residential Side to the Academic Side of the campus.

Goldman writes via email, “This morning I noticed something that made me ‘Think Different.’ Apparently, the Apple Inc. logo was laid out in the rocks on the side of the bridge.

MacDailyNews Note: This is not a Photoshop job. The rocks are actually there in that shape, independent sources have confirmed.

Goldman snapped a quick photo:

(click for larger view)

MacDailyNews Take: Can you say “mindshare?” We knew you could. Steve Ballmer will be dispatching a team of engineers along with a pickup full of plastic rocks out to the University of Washington’s on-campus drainage canal to try to gin up some fake grassroots enthusiasm for Microsoft in 3 -2 -1…

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  1. Yes, I meant…

    It’ll be gone by tomorrow morning, being replaced with a nearby ‘Windows’ Crop Squircle. Which is actually four Squircles, each painted a different color. Because we all know — like the new Zunes — the MS gang are ahead in colors!

    MW: Quality! hehe.

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