RocketStream to introduce Apple Mac-compatible version of file transfer acceleration suite

RocketStream, Inc., a developer of technologies and solutions to accelerate digital content delivery over high-bandwidth IP networks, announced today that it intends to release a Macintosh-compatible version of its popular RocketStream file transfer acceleration software near the end of the year.

RocketStream is a powerful data transfer acceleration platform capable of speeding file transfers over IP networks by factors of 100 or more over conventional FTP-over-TCP. In addition to its speed, RocketStream is also reliable, secure, and easy to use, with an intuitive user interface that requires no IT training to operate.

“While the current RocketStream version has been popular with users running Windows environments, the entertainment and graphics communities rely heavily on Macintosh computers, and we have had many requests to support this environment from prospective customers,” said Voyant and RocketStream Chief Marketing Officer Steffen Koehler, in the press release. “We are pleased to announce that the all-software RocketStream suite will support these creative communities with an innovative platform designed to simplify and accelerate the large-media-file transfers that these users require.”

“The RocketStream platform has been a powerful solution for Windows-based users since its introduction,” noted Chris Champigny, chief technology officer of LA Digital Post, an exclusive post-production digital solutions provider to the entertainment industry, in the press release. Champigny added, “We have been very impressed with RocketStream’s performance, and we’re looking forward to having that solution run on the Macintosh computers that are deployed so broadly in the media industry.”

Because it is entirely software-based and requires no new hardware, RocketStream’s file transfer acceleration suite is priced at a fraction of competing hardware-based solutions. The price-performance benefit is particularly important for competitive media and graphics companies on tight budgets. Prospective customer profiles for the Macintosh-compatible version of RocketStream include television and film studios, post-production companies, graphic artists, on-line content providers, and other media content creators and aggregators.

The Macintosh-compatible version of RocketStream is scheduled to be commercially available in late 2007 and will support Macintosh computers running OS/X Tiger 10.4 or later. This release will still support users of Windows 2000, 2003 Server, XP, and Vista and paves the way for support of Linux operating systems in the near future.

More information about RocketStream here.

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