HTC claims it has sold 800,000 of its iPhony joke HTC Touch phones

“Taiwan smartphone maker High Tech Computer Corp. said on Monday it had sold 800,000 units of its own branded HTC Touch phone, launched in Europe and Asia in June,” John Bowker reports for Reuters.

“‘This is better than I expected … We feel very good about our success,’ Chief Executive Peter Chou told Reuters in an interview, adding that the smartphone’s popularity was close to that enjoyed by Apple Inc’s competing iPhone,” Bowker reports. “The iPhone sold 1 million phones in the three months after its launch in the United States, also in June, and Apple is set to begin selling the product in Europe in November.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: So, who’d they sell them to and what did they give them to drink, inhale, and/or inject to get them to blow their money on that thing?

Let’s take a look at how the HTC Touch compares to the Apple iPhone, shall we?

Apple’s OS X-based iPhone:

HTC’s Windows Mobile-based HTC Touch:

The HTC Touch is a joke.


  1. Microsoft probably bought up a huge portion of those orders to make Windows Mobile look successful.

    They’re sitting in boxes on pallets in some dusty Redmond, WA warehouse never to be opened or used.

    iPhones, on the other hand, are actually bought by individual customers and used daily.

  2. No – these are probably real numbers. People in Europe and Asia buy huge numbers of mobiles.

    The way you should be looking at this is to see what the market potential for iPhone is hereabouts.

    MDN magic word – looking

  3. Have they actually been sold to people are they in the retail channels? Also, Europe and Asia are pretty big markets and in the absence of the actual iPhone combined with people’s general stupidity I can see how they could come up with these figures.

  4. i have three iPhones and i don’t like the HTC Touch at all. but i think they will sell 800,000 units due to…

    1.) iPhone is now a total closed platform with no 3rd party apps after firmware 1.1.1……what a joke for a “smartphone”

    2.) iPhone is unlockable after firmware 1.1.1

    very bad move by Apple for killing all 3rd party apps and unlock. Apple should have the number for how many iPhone sold compared to how many activation AT&T;made with iPhone. it is more than likely over 20% of iPhone were sold to non-AT&T;customers

  5. That side by side comparison shows how BAD the HTC Touch really is!

    WOW that hurts! (it deserves a repeat!)

    MW = later
    as in, much later he finally finds and dials the restaurant, and BTW who the hell orders take out steak? That’s just STUPID! So what else is new?

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