blows it, says ‘Macs still cost more than most Windows-based PCs’

In an article today about how Apple’s Mac OS X “continues to win over a growing number of computer users and chip away at the dominant lead of Microsoft Windows,”’s Staff Reporter, Daniel Del’Re, incorrectly states:

Macs still cost more than most Windows-based PCs, with the least expensive model retailing for $1,199.

MacDailyNews Take: Not only does Del’Re get the baseline price for a new Mac wrong (it’s really less than half what he states at $599 for the Mac mini), Del’Re also fails to take into account the concept of comparable specs and features along with Apple’s refusal to make low-end junk that will not satisfy customers.

Match any WIndows PC box assembler’s product to an Apple Mac as equally as you can and you’ll see that Macs are very competitive on price, often beating OS-limited offerings from Dell et al. – plus only OS-unlimited Macs can run Mac OS X and Mac-only apps such as those in the iLife suite along with Linux and Windows applications.

We can’t ship junk. There are thresholds we can’t cross because of who we are. The difference is, we don’t offer stripped-down, lousy products.Apple CEO Steve Jobs, August 7, 2007

You’re not missing anything else in the full article, Think Before You Click™, here, that we have not already reported in our two articles posted this morning:

Net Applications: Apple Mac market share up 40% in last year – October 01, 2007
Net Applications: Apple’s Safari Web browser market share up 44% in last year – October 01, 2007

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  1. You said, “MDN SCREWS UP AGAIN. That article was pretty much VERY positive about Apple. “

    Normally I just ignore click pieces from thestreet. And I think this is one. Yes, they do say some upbeat items about Apple, but the truth is out there, the stock is up, products out,and Leopard due in Oct. Its what you missed that makes it a double sided hit piece.

    Its things like this, “Its margins are also higher than iPods, which have seen sales growth fall precipitously as lower-end models sell in much greater numbers than premium versions.” that is worded so that you think that iPod sales are crashing. Its the standard troll technique of saying a few positive things that everyone can see, then throwing in pieces of junk FUD just to stir things up. 🙁

    en, (not reading thestreet anymore. 🙁 )

    MDN = need, I need thestreet like I need a hole in the head. 🙁

  2. Yes, Macs cost more than most Windows PCs. It’s a fact. Do the math.

    Most Windows PCs are in the under-$1,000 price segment. Most Macs are in the above $1,000 price segment.

    Therefore, Macs cost more than most Windows PCs. End of story? Not quite.

    The writer is an ass because he can’t explain the disparity between his conclusion and the reality of market segments. How about this one:

    Feature for feature, Macs are often lower in price than comparable Windows PCs, especially in the above $1,000 price segment.”

    See how hard that was? Sooooo difficult that a highly paid hack writer for The Street couldn’t figure it out.

  3. I’m going to move on since I now believe that this is a very tired and very old argument, and other than this bozo, most everyone is finally getting the idea about specs. I’m I thinking wishfully – I hope not.

  4. Are you calling Del’re a liar?
    The young man went to college, journalism academy, MS orientation seminars, Tech camp, …..

    He is right, MACS COST MORE! A LOT MORE!
    Buy Vista! Don’t worry about availability, there are plenty on the shelves.

  5. You know, if Mac users really were so confident that Apple’s represent better value and are cheaper than PC’s, we wouldn’t see any reaction here. The fact we see such a venomous response in this thread speaks volumes. Methinks you doth protest too much.

  6. It’s not really inaccurate to say Macs cost more, precisely because, as Steve Jobs says, “we don’t offer stripped-down, lousy products.”

    Based on the sales trend for Macs, I think consumers are “getting it” without MDN screaming that the price for Macs is comparable to similarly spec’ed PCs, every time an article says Windows PCs cost less. They DO cost less, because they are worth less based on features. But there’s one “spec” that’s priceless. Mac OS X versus Windows.

  7. Personally, I think MDN just “baited” everyone who read and responded to this article.

    They benefit from the over the top, insecure, knee jerk reaction of the average Mac user that visits this site. They publicly condemn Enderle and Thurott while doing the same thing.

    Go ahead, regurgitate the same old arguments. Attack the author, show him just how mature and intelligent you really are. Froth at the mouth and spit while you try to make your argument. That’ll show them who the real fools are!

    MDN-Gullible Figures

  8. Given that macs always have the leading edge, the highest standards, and the best software, it should cost more. But it doesn’t. Macs cost less for what you get. The fact that when every other computer company was still using 256mb ram standard, and Apple was at 512, that shows you right there. Every other company went up to 512, for a while they were matched, then Apple stepped up to 1 gb standard. I Don’t see very many companies pushing for higher standards in Processor Speeds or Ram like apple.

  9. In some graphics performance benchmarks (BareFeats) the new iMacs provide less performance than the previous generation of iMacs. Are the graphics cards used in the new iMacs actually that bad. Or can we reasonably expect performance to increase substantially when ATI releases driver updates (presumably in the near future)??

  10. Let me start by saying that I HATE Microsoft Windows. Whenever I can, I recommend either Ubuntu Linux or Mac OS X to my customers. Nevertheless, Apple IS guilty of making “low-end junk that will not satisfy customers…” Mac OS X is nice as are most Mac applications. However, Apple hardware is AWFUL. For instance, most entry-level Windows PCs currently come with 128 MB or more of shared video memory. The Mac Mini and MacBook are crippled with only 64 MB of shared video memory. Apple is also behind the times when it comes to dedicated video memory. 48 hours ago, I ordered an XP laptop online for a customer of mine with 512 MB of video memory — more than is possible in the best MacBook Pro. This situation is absurd considering that many of Apple’s most loyal customers work in graphics-intensive careers. Even when Apple hardware is not underpowered to begin with, it oftentimes fails to work within specifications. For example, many users including me have had problems with SuperDrives refusing to burn DVDs at any speed but 1x or 2X. Even after a firmware update issued by Apple, a significant number of users still report problems in this area.

  11. Alice you are a nut.

    The one complaint I’ve had with Apple over the years is the paltry amount of RAM their systems come with for the price and vs. PCs. Look at the old specs for a $2,000 PowerMac, 512 in RAM when most $400 e-machines had a gig. And now a $2500 MacPro comes with only a gig while almost every PC comes with a minimum of 2 gigs. And as far as processor speeds go, we are always on the tail end of updates. PCs get the newest and latest as soon as Intel or AMD drops them. I’m waiting almost 2 years for an update to the MacPros. We could hide behind the mHz myth before while waiting 2 years for an incremental step up. But now what do we say, we use the same procs.

    I’ll argue all day long at the superiority of OSX over Windows. But the fact is that Macs cost more, and stuff for macs cost more. Software, video cards, RAM etc. almost never drop in price on the Mac side. I’ve seen lots of years old software that has been in the $9.99 bargain bin on the Windows side, while still costing the just released full price on the Mac side.

  12. WHO CARES???
    The people who want a Mac will buy one…period. Apples have historically not been cost competitive, but I bought them anyway. Even back in the early ’90s when that was truly a rebellious time to own a Mac (ugh OS 7,8,9!!)
    Mac marketshare is growing at a very substantial rate. That should be enough. Who cares if people don’t get it?

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