blows it, says ‘Macs still cost more than most Windows-based PCs’

In an article today about how Apple’s Mac OS X “continues to win over a growing number of computer users and chip away at the dominant lead of Microsoft Windows,”’s Staff Reporter, Daniel Del’Re, incorrectly states:

Macs still cost more than most Windows-based PCs, with the least expensive model retailing for $1,199.

MacDailyNews Take: Not only does Del’Re get the baseline price for a new Mac wrong (it’s really less than half what he states at $599 for the Mac mini), Del’Re also fails to take into account the concept of comparable specs and features along with Apple’s refusal to make low-end junk that will not satisfy customers.

Match any WIndows PC box assembler’s product to an Apple Mac as equally as you can and you’ll see that Macs are very competitive on price, often beating OS-limited offerings from Dell et al. – plus only OS-unlimited Macs can run Mac OS X and Mac-only apps such as those in the iLife suite along with Linux and Windows applications.

We can’t ship junk. There are thresholds we can’t cross because of who we are. The difference is, we don’t offer stripped-down, lousy products.Apple CEO Steve Jobs, August 7, 2007

You’re not missing anything else in the full article, Think Before You Click™, here, that we have not already reported in our two articles posted this morning:

Net Applications: Apple Mac market share up 40% in last year – October 01, 2007
Net Applications: Apple’s Safari Web browser market share up 44% in last year – October 01, 2007

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  1. Macs still cost more than most Windows-based PC’s

    Which is likely very correct.

    Because most Windows-based PC’s are STRIPPED CHEAP PIECES OF SHEET.

    Of course there is a little problem with Apple switching to cheaper LCD’s, poor quality LCDs and godaweful glossy cheap ass eyestraining screens. Crooked iPod screens too. Under powered video cards in iMac’s.

    So Apple is slipping in their quality, probably because of the other 95% of the market is going that way and Apple unfortunatly has to go along for the ride.

    After all Mac’s are made right next to cheap PC’s on the same assembly lines in China and Taiwan.

  2. Yes. They are more expensive than *most PCs* – by dint of the fact that most PCs sold are bargain basement. Period. Marketshare proportions make that number still worse.

    The laptops also cost more (hardware) than nice Lenovo Thinkpads, especially here in Europe. That’s just the way it is. The difference is on the order of 10%, usually, and is always attributable to build quality and materials. The OS and software are also superior, but that’s outside the statement the article makes.

    We’re at hardware cost parity, mostly, not a price advantage. The software and interfaces are the real difference, just like in an iPhone. People will eventually catch up to this fact, but for now the specification reflex is too strong.

    Apple’s laptop displays are usually much worse. I wish I could stop apologizing for that someday – Apple needs to get their act together on that simple and visible component.

  3. Even IF Macs were more expensive……

    You really can’t compare a Mac to others…. Macs Work, Macs are productive, the only Blue Screen you get on a Mac is if you change your desktop to Blue, most peripherals attach to a Mac without additional drivers…… and best in my mind…. Macs don’t have a blasted stupid Registry

    Would someone prefer to pay $500 for a junked Yugo with no motor, or twice that price (and Macs, IF more expensive, aren’t twice the price) for a Cadillac

    Just my $0,02

  4. MDN SCREWS UP AGAIN. That article was pretty much VERY positive about Apple. It mentioned the price of a Mac, but seriously, the article wasn’t focused on comparisons, it was all about Apple stock going up.

    hah… MW : Thought. As in MDN needs some.

  5. I agree with the saying “You get what you pay for”. Macs are reliable and come with the software that would cost hundreds of dollars for a comparable Windows program. Not to mention how much better the Mac OS is.

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