Wii Transfer 2.5.1 released; movies, music, and pictures on your Nintendo Wii

Riverfold Software has released Wii Transfer 2.5.1.

Wii Transfer can share your movies, music, and pictures directly to your Nintendo Wii using the Internet Channel. Browse iTunes playlists and iPhoto albums on your television. Convert your movies to formats the Wii understands, either streaming directly from your Mac or for playback in the Wii’s Photo Channel. Wii Transfer can even manage saved game backups copied to an SD card. The software requires Mac OS X 10.4.

New in version 2.5:
• Drag-and-drop movie conversion for streaming
• Set background music for picture slideshows
• Browse Safari and Firefox bookmarks on your Wii

Wii Transfer costs US$19. When you purchase Wii Transfer you will receive a serial number via email right away to unlock the full functionality — sound in converted movies, support for playing more than 1 song at a time, plus iTunes playlists, shuffle, and watermark-free images.

More info and download link here.


  1. why bother ?

    with the 512 mb ram limitation of this laughably underpowered pos you’ll be filling the damn thing up every other album

    get a 360 or ps3 , the wii is fookin lame

    i know , i’ve got one 🙁

  2. @ flappo

    You fall into the same ol mistake many make. You spout off specs but don’t discuss what really matters… GAMEPLAY.

    The Wii changes the old button mashing of last generations… and brings you more immersion.

  3. Wow – that’s pretty cool! I’m going to try this. If and when I bump into the limitations, I’ll spring for AppleTV or better yet a Mac Mini.

    Agree the Wii has excellent gameplay which to me is much more perferrable than the better graphics of the other systems. Do yourself a favor and get a Wii (if you can find one)!


  4. After playing Wii, I can’t look at conventional gameplay the same way again.

    I see someone sitting still and pressing buttons and can’t help but to think, you call that fun?

    You can’t compare that experience to acting the physical role in an intense sword battle or aiming and firing a hand held plasma cannon in Metroid. The gameplay on Wii creates a levels of fun and enjoyment orders of magnitude greater then any button-pressing game.

  5. Apple needs to get with nintendo on this, the nintendo wii is already in so many households. Think about it: Apple’s WiiTV, the remote would work so well to browse coverflow, and the current interface. *sigh* Why wont they listen to me?

  6. Yet another example of another device completely outclassing the AppleTV (I would include any decent DVR as the other).

    Why doesn’t Jobs get a clue and do something about this? How slow do AppleTV’s sales have to be? How many more superior product roll outs from EyeTV, Nintendo, & others does it take before the embarrassment becomes intolerable?

    Instead of wasting the companies goodwill by emasculating iMovie and bricking unlocked iPhones (which anyone is completely within their legal rights to do), put some damn effort into making AppleTV the device it always should have been!

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