Why does Apple.com have a page for iPhone among iLife ‘08 Guided Tours?

MacDailyNews reader “Aaron,” While searching for a tutorial on emailing photos from his iPhone to his iWeb page, has uncovered a page on Apple.com that does not do what normal incorrect addresses (URLs) do.

Normally, incorrect URLs – for example: http://www.apple.com/ilife/guidedtour/emac.html – return the error message:

Looking for something? The page you tried was not found. You may have used an outdated link or may have typed the address (URL) incorrectly.

But, the URL http://www.apple.com/ilife/guidedtour/iphone.html returns a curious result: an active (placeholder) page, not the usual error message, with a missing QuickTime movie.

What it means is unknown, but it raises tantalizing questions, chief among them, as “Aaron” asks, “Why would iLife need a guided tour for the iPhone unless there is some integration coming?”


  1. Once when looking into a mirror I saw a woman standing next to me who wasn’t there …and a man with a pair of fine scissors who wasn’t me. She said something to me that didn’t make sense ..and I didn’t even seem surprised. I don’t know if I was just a placeholder for someone else …or had crashed someone elses imagination …but I’m glad I finally found a reason to tell someone.

  2. Actually, the iPhone integrates with .Mac web Galleries, which is not a function of iWeb, but rather an extension of both iPhoto, and iMovie. Let’s also not forget that the hub of the iPhone is iTunes, which is also a component of iLife. So, really we have integration with 3 of the 6 iLife apps.

    Having said that, there already are ample videos about the aforementioned integrations, so one is left by this with the impression that there are some new tricks up iPhone’s sleeve coming up soon.

  3. Where shall we start?

    There are working links for:




    Odds are Apple had intended to make a page specially formatted for the iphone – /ilife/guidedtour/iphone.html

    Ohhhh wait a minute. Yep. Sure enough. If I navigate to apple.com/ilife on my iPhone and then click the guided tour button, I get no options for small, medium, large or downloads… I go straight to ilife/guidedtour/iphone.html and the option to start a movie is shown…

    A little commonsense would have made this obvious. Apple is quite smart about sending you to an optimum page for your experience.

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