InfoWorld: Eight months since switching from Windows to Mac and it’s no turning back

“Commenters on my Enterprise Mac blog have been begging for an update to my column “Mac sense and nonsense,” in which I chronicled the early experiences of a friend who agreed to switch from Windows — her OS for her entire computer-using life — to the Mac,” Tom Yager reports for InfoWorld.

“My friend loves OS X; she’s sold. Wild horses driven by a grinning Steve Ballmer carrying $100,000 couldn’t drag her back into Windows. That hundred large might have convinced her under Tiger (OS X 10.4), but I’ve shared with her many of the published details of Leopard (10.5), due in October,” Yager reports.

“She knows that I’m an Apple Developer Connection Premiere member and that I have Leopard, and she thinks I’m a jerk for not letting her use it,” Yager reports.

“She no longer has a fondness for Windows, and I have learned that if I wish to acquaint myself with the great beyond, all I need to do is mention October one more time,” Yager reports.

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  1. @Wingsy
    Yes I know what that is. RSX-11M and RSX-11M Plus were the os’s used on DEC’s PDP11 systems. I have worked with these systems before switching to VAX/VMS. I also worked with DEC’s DECNET. All that before the PC era.

  2. Started with an all-in-one 9″ B&W;screen Mac Classic and System 6.7 (I think) in 1993. From then…..PowerMac 6100, then a G3, Powerbook 3400, two “lampshade” iMacs (one at home, one in my office), now on a G4 Powerbook, getting ready to get the family a brand spanking new 24″ iMac (and daydreaming about an MBP!) I use the Dull Windopes box here at school when I HAVE to, but it only serves to make me appreciate my Macs all the more.

  3. Yep, been a mac user since 1999 with my first computer being an iMac 333, still running OS 8.5.1, my daughter uses it for games and learning to type.
    Next came mr iMac 400 DV SE. Running Tiger 10.4.10 with a gig of ram. My son use that one every day for school.
    Got my wife a G4 iBook.
    Then there’s my beloved 17″ G4 PowerBook, which I regretfully sold.
    But I am pretty satisfied with my 17″ MacBook Pro.

    I use windows crap at work(u.s. gov, always upgrading….) and what a hunk of junk those things are. never ever never will i ever own a pc running windows never ever ever.

  4. @Justified,
    “Must have been sweet to own a Cube as your first computer”???

    I’m typing this response on my Cube right now. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    Emoticons not working for anyone else?

  5. Switched to mac when OSX came out and never looked back. I still have no desire to work with or on Windows. Just too many problems for me now, not to mention the lack of trust in the operating system.

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” /> from my little iPhone

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