InfoWorld: Eight months since switching from Windows to Mac and it’s no turning back

“Commenters on my Enterprise Mac blog have been begging for an update to my column “Mac sense and nonsense,” in which I chronicled the early experiences of a friend who agreed to switch from Windows — her OS for her entire computer-using life — to the Mac,” Tom Yager reports for InfoWorld.

“My friend loves OS X; she’s sold. Wild horses driven by a grinning Steve Ballmer carrying $100,000 couldn’t drag her back into Windows. That hundred large might have convinced her under Tiger (OS X 10.4), but I’ve shared with her many of the published details of Leopard (10.5), due in October,” Yager reports.

“She knows that I’m an Apple Developer Connection Premiere member and that I have Leopard, and she thinks I’m a jerk for not letting her use it,” Yager reports.

“She no longer has a fondness for Windows, and I have learned that if I wish to acquaint myself with the great beyond, all I need to do is mention October one more time,” Yager reports.

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  1. It’s funny. Those windows geeks out there have this “bias” when it comes to windows and Macs. Us Mac geeks in here have favor the Mac and mock their windows. The ironic thing about it is though that we actually HAVE USED both machines and deem the Mac….well, the winner….with no runner up. The windows boys that come up with all of the gibberish about Macs and their problems…yeah, they haven’t spent a couple hours with the OS and deemed windows the winner, they’re just stuck in their box and form their opinions based on ideas, not application.

  2. Prior to ’84 I had used and worked with every this-DOS and that-DOS that ever was (even spent 2 months in RSX-11 schools – anyone know what that is?) When the 1st Mac came out I got mine in January ’84, one of the 1st ever sold at Computer Tree (Apple retailer). Now, about 10 Macs later, I wonder how disgusted with computers I would be if there were no such thing as a Mac. I’d probably be in another line of work by now. I don’t see how Windows IT people can stand it for very long.

  3. I started with a Apple IIc in 1985, my father had a Macintosh 512K, I switched to Amiga 500, then I had my first PC around 1993: a 386 SX33 with windows 3.1, I upgraded over the years, always a PC. Sometimes I built it myself. My sister bought an iMac around 2000 because it was good-looking. I liked it but did not think of switching. I started to change my mind when I saw her Powerbook in 2004, MacOSX 10.3 looked like an OS from the future in comparison to XP, and I was convinced when I heard of Parallels.
    I’ve been a happy iMac user since January and I am never going back. And I almost never use Parallels (Bootcamp only for video games – once in a month maybe).

  4. started with 9.1 and X.0 after replacing my SUSE Linux box with a G4 450 and ibook(blue clam shell). At he time it was IRIX at work and compaq TRU64.

    the mac OS X experience had come such a long way. It’s great. Used an Ipod touch for the first time yesterday….. i was extremely impressed…. can’t wait for a feature rich version to be released

    i was a Win95 early adopter as well.. in those days i hadn’t heard of macs.

    Now I’m still using panther on a power book g4 and Remote desktop to XP for a living developing a unix app wrapped up to run on windows….. f*cked up or what!

    I’ll buy a new mac book after Leopard has been proven to be stable.

    peace – it’s good to share!


  5. I have used Macs and Apple exclusively since the late 80’s when I was in elementary school. However, I’d take Ballmers $100,000 and use a PC for the rest of my life. Of course my iPod, iPhone and AppleTV would still get heavy use.

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