Apples seeds new Mac OS X 10.4.11 Tiger, Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard builds

“Apple this month is simultaneously putting the final touches on a pair critical operating system updates — one that will close out an era in Mac computing and a second that will signify fresh beginnings,” Slash Lane reports for AppleInsider.

“Expected to be released first is Mac OS X 10.4.11, which is likely to stand as the Tiger operating system’s final curtain call,” Lane reports.

“Meanwhile, Apple is also inching closer to unleashing its next-generation Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard operating system, due on the market by the end of October,” Lane reports.

Details about each build in the full article here.


  1. All the new advertised features aside, I am worried about the possibility Apple will be trying to introduce some DRM scheme of their own that is built right into the OS. Some of their recent actions in limiting media types on their devices have left me cold. I’ll be holding off on buying Leopard until the hype has worn off and the true underbelly of the beast is known.

  2. What’s this “end of an era” and “start of an era” stuff? I can understand saying that about the switch-over from OS 9 to OSX … even though it wasn’t until 10.2 that the basic dream was realized. Sure … it gets better with every full release. But Leopard will not be “that much better” than Tiger … better, OK, but not THAT much so. Yes, chances are pretty good I’ll be buying a Family Pack early! It doesn’t have to be revolutionary to be worth buying.


  3. Aww, the poor Mac lemmings got their noses all out of joint when their RDF showed a crack. These poor delusional iFollowers think the only way DRM can be applied is through software, as they so adeptly notice MS has done. They ignore the DRM already in iTunes and ignore the fact that the TV won’t stream anything other than H264 via iTunes. They tell themselves that locking the user out of the iPhone, iPod Touch, TV, while supporting Web2.0 instead of native apps, is not a form of DRM designed to allow Apple – and only Apple – to control digital content at their will. They ignore the inability to use WiFi on any of these devices to share normal files (despite the fact they all run OSX) and conclude it cannot be DRM based.

    No, they think Apple is fighting for their rights as a consumer in some fictional war against MicroSoft. Apple couldn’t be a profit driven company at all. Never!! And why was it Apple didn’t supply any ability to make *custom* ringtones? … so they could sell you them instead while protecting their content.

    Listen up iKoolAid Fanciers, it will go like this: Apple will someday release major movies, along with the current spate of TV and video for consumption on your Mac, TV, iPhone, and iPod, but you will not be allowed to use it on anything else or even transfer it *because the hardware won’t allow it*. If you try to do anything they don’t like, iTunes will shut down or the player you are using will flat out refuse to output the “protected” media. Leopard will likely be the final and most important piece of their distribution network that ties the whole distribution system together. All that remains to be seen is when they put all the pieces together, which will trail the release of Leopard.

  4. @ Brau –

    Someone, a Mac user, just stood ground for you, and all you could do was rub their nose in it.
    Is it any wonder that most Mac user’s despise your type, the type, who gets their jollies and mental fulfillment by out on Apple Mac orientated boards, wetting their pants with pubescent and insignificant retorts.

    Now, I would like you to turn off the computer. please go and stand in front of a mirror, look at yourself for a while and contemplate – try to see beyond the reflected image, get past the self loathing, behold the entity before you, that, which you, understand to be you, reflect upon the emotions and feelings that flood into your consciousness.

    Do you like what you see? is it scary? – Let yourself see and perceive yourself as others see and perceive you, is it an insightful and thought provoking sort of self refection.

    To be honest, we see and reflect upon you, as a lonely, scared and somewhat pitiful character, in need of counsel and, maybe a little bit of love.

    Now that you are a little bit more understanding of your own self, feel free to post back here … We understand your problem and together we will work through it.

    Good luck.


  5. There is nothing wrong with a company making money, Brau. Apple’s choices most often result in a better user experience. There’s not just a war with MS, but with all the competitors who make decisions for various reasons, often will little to no thought except profitability and not completely ruining the user experience. Notice how Real has kind of disappeared off the scene. They didn’t go quietly and are still trying to come back. That’s war, kid. Casualties, dynamic equilibria, more casualties. I know what side I’d fight for. At least if Apple shot me in the back, I’d probably really enjoy it and recommend it to my friends.

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