Yared: Last chance to buy Apple shares under $150

Apple is “back up to $141 and this may be your last chance to buy it here under $150. Why? A lot of catalysts are on the near term horizon,” Georges Yared writes for BloggingStocks.

“Apple finishes its fiscal year in 11 days. The September 30 quarter and year-end will wrap up an exceptional year for Apple, yet many would argue that the best is yet to come. I expect the year finishing in 11 days to have final revenue numbers of $24 billion with earnings per share coming in at $3.75. iPhone revenues will be somewhat relevant, but that piece of the Apple story is JUST BEGINNING. As Apple exits fiscal year 2007, the more relevant story is still the overwhelming success of the iPod with the corresponding iTunes store, and of course, the newly revamped iMac computer,” Yared writes.

“The stock has been a buy for the past 3-4 years and will continue to be so over the next three years at least.This may be your last chance to get in below $150. My 2008 price target is $200-210,” Yared writes.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Michael” for the heads up.]


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  2. @ Henry James

    Dude, if you don’t know how to buy shares, you really should be doing some basic homework on how stocks and the market work before you actually invest.

    You also better do homework on the stocks themselves. Don’t buy because someone on an internet message board says it’s a good idea.

  3. I’ve held AAPL for the past five years and have no intention of selling. But articles like this make me nervous. In the final analysis I think the reason to own AAPL at these levels is the company’s ability to gain significant market share from Microsoft in the next 3-5 years. Microsoft is so clearly a company on the decline that it’s easy pickins.

  4. Investors are fickle. Unless Apple can continue to dazzle, many will move on. This will cause the stock to sink quite a bit. I’m hoping it won’t, but investors always want the next big thing. At least Apple continues to shame the rest of the tech industry– that it certainly has going for it.

    “There,” as in “There’s no there there.”

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  6. Yared absolutely gets it! The reason for AAPL being so undervalued in spite of its growing earnings — for many years — is the preponderance of stupid and corrupt Wall Street analysts and pundit shills manipulating AAPL. But these guys can not stop AAPL making a big run up after a few quarters of stunning gains in earnings, unit sales, and innovative new or improved products.

    I take a long term view of AAPL. If you pop up a 5 year chart of the stock’s performance, you can see that the idiots can not stop AAPL’s rise long term. The issues are well discussed on some AAPL specific forums. The TMO’s Apple Finance Board and Investor Village AAPL are the best sites for these discussions.

  7. I am not out to kick MDN this morning, but I do have a problem with the ads loading before the text…it should be the other way around…look at Macsurfer’s site and how quickly and the order it loads. Google’s site loaded very quickly back in the 28.8 modem days…that was their edge…not just searching, but searching quickly. IE took over Netscape not only because M$ forced it on you, but also because it was lean and fast in its day.
    MDN has a great site…otherwise we would not all be here and stay here…but their could always be some improvements, and I realize talk is cheap.

  8. AAPL stock is not undervalued; it is not overvalued; its price is exactly what the market is willing to pay. AAPL is not a penny stock. It is a large-cap company. There are almost billion outstanding shares changing hands; on an average day, over 20 million shares are traded. There is no way anyone can significantly manipulate (depress or elevate) the price of this stock for any meaningful period of time. While majority of it is held by institutions, over 30% is in the hands of individual investors. This combination guarantees that for every institutional strategic move (sell-off or buy), there are going to be individuals like us who will do the same, or the opposite.

    If you look at the run-up of AAPL over the past year, you’ll understand that it is definitely not undervalued; otherwise, it wouldn’t have doubled in less than a year. Very few companies that big can demonstrate such growth.

    Having said all this, I agree with the article. Those who buy below $150 will still make good profits, even within just one year. Perhaps not double, but at least 30%. That is not bad, for a blue-chip company.

  9. Some more information on the iBendover.

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