Yared: Last chance to buy Apple shares under $150

Apple is “back up to $141 and this may be your last chance to buy it here under $150. Why? A lot of catalysts are on the near term horizon,” Georges Yared writes for BloggingStocks.

“Apple finishes its fiscal year in 11 days. The September 30 quarter and year-end will wrap up an exceptional year for Apple, yet many would argue that the best is yet to come. I expect the year finishing in 11 days to have final revenue numbers of $24 billion with earnings per share coming in at $3.75. iPhone revenues will be somewhat relevant, but that piece of the Apple story is JUST BEGINNING. As Apple exits fiscal year 2007, the more relevant story is still the overwhelming success of the iPod with the corresponding iTunes store, and of course, the newly revamped iMac computer,” Yared writes.

“The stock has been a buy for the past 3-4 years and will continue to be so over the next three years at least.This may be your last chance to get in below $150. My 2008 price target is $200-210,” Yared writes.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Michael” for the heads up.]


  1. Here’s our plan to increase revenue next year:

    Apple will be introducing the iBendover just in time for Christmas. It will be the most awesome product ever and will sell for $10,000 each. It’s so secret we can’t release any details on it now. But Apple fanboys will just have to buy one and will queue for days.

    One week later we will be reducing the price to $299 for everybody else.

  2. @ Henry James

    Mate are you asking where you can buy AAPL from Australia?

    Thought that until I got to the end of your sentence and you mentioned a credit card??!?! You serious? Shares on a credit card?!?

    I used CommSec to buy my AAPL online. They have a service for buying shares on any of the US exchanges.



  3. Why does MDN on iPhone suck so bad?…

    Because it’s their mission statement for you to “get a Mac”, not a iPhone.

    Who the fsck even bothers to surf on the iPhone anyway? It’s just there in case you need it for something. The screen is too small, enlarging sometimes hits a link which takes even longer to go back. Forget big fingers. The screen smudges. Web pages don’t display properly or have javascript/flash or other plugins like DivX etc etc.

    plus, you can’t do nearly anything on it, can’t use blocking software or proxy’s to increase page load times or NOTHING.

    It annoying.

    You want to surf, get a laptop. Plain and simple. Save your eyesight.

    Perhaps this is why Steve had to drop the price of the iPhone.

    People just want a reliable, long battery life, low monthly cost phone. Cheap basic phones sell 99% of the time says AT&T;store staff.

    That’s why Apple has built a retreat with the iPod Touch.

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